romantic love poems

Romantic Love Poetry

A short romantic love poetry that you can dedicate to your sweetheart. When love fills the heart, it is always sweet to express it by way of a romantic love poem or note. Available at Sweethearts By the lake with its warm air You run your fingers thru’ my hair Into each other’s eyes we [...]

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Short Rhyming Romantic Love Poem

A short rhyming romantic love poem for a couple who sees themselves as two of a kind. Just like most of my other love poems here, this is a simple creation which hopefully can make someone feel special today. Available at Two Of A Kind As I sit and let my thoughts drift Calm [...]

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Love Poems For A Soul Mate

If you know you have found your soul mate, you might just like to dedicate this love poem to him or her. It is about meeting someone whom you could relate and talk to after periods of loneliness on your own. A Soul Mate In A Stranger Before I was a loner Always brooding in my own shelter [...]

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Fierce Love Poems

A short love poem utilising the notion of intense feelings for another. As people say love is blind and thus, it may not make much sense but still when love hits, it consumes our minds. Intense Love When the love is intense The depth of feelings is immense Love may not make any sense Still you [...]


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Poems On Blossoming Love

From the idea of flowering, comes these rhyming poems on blossoming love. The first one is about time as when one is in love, time apart can be filled with yearning with a wish for it to move faster. Time When love blossoms inside Time seems to be an uneven slide Time apart is so slow [...]


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Love And Color

I thought of color and came out with these two ryhming romantic love poems. The first one is about choosing a flower and what it typically signifies when we give someone a red rose. A Red Rose If I have to pick a color of a rose Red it would have to be for it shows A [...]


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