Buying Gifts

Usually, in the early days of a relationship or marriage, buying each other gifts especially on certain occasions is a must. We take the trouble and the time to shop for a gift to make it really special. But as time goes on, we may still buy a gift or two but it is no longer [...]

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Couples And Money

Let’s talk about money this week, shall we? We all know that different people have different perspectives over money. Some are pretty insecure and make it a point to try to account for every penny their partners spend. They insist on a joint account and money to be pooled together. Then there are others who have [...]

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Cheating On Your Partner – Should You Confess?

Nowadays, having extra-marital affairs is not something uncommon. Many people get involved with a third party at some point in their relationship and they would try to hide the affair from their partner. But then there is always the feeling of guilt. And having two relationships at the same time just isn’t sustainable in the [...]

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Sex – When Should You Start?

Interestingly, I read an article recently that mentions that a third of Australian males polled by a men’s magazine hoped to marry a virgin. And slightly over 40% prefer their women to have had 5 partners or fewer. If men still prefer their prospective wife to be chaste or not so sexually promiscuous, then should [...]

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To Have Loved And Lost

There is a saying that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. But to have loved and lost means painful negative emotions such as hurt, disappoinment, betrayal, depression, anger and the feeling of being abandoned may take root in our hearts. This is true especially when a relationship sours. On [...]

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