Love poem

Valentine’s Day Poem

Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, here is a I love you poem to give to your beloved. With the first letter of each line spelled out to say I love you, this poem should be most appropriate for this occasion. Available at  Valentine’s Day – I Love You Inside my heart, you are [...]

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Falling In Love Again Poem

When you have been hurt once before, falling in love again can be hard because of the fear of another disappointment. For some, that fear can be difficult to overcome and this is reflected in this falling in love again poem below. Available at A Fear I’m trying not to fall in love again Been [...]

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Miss You Love Poems

When someone you love is far away from you, try sending this missing you love poem to let him or her know how you feel. Being apart is always a difficult time and sometimes, what you need is a poem to keep the romance burning. If Only Time Flies Staring high up at the blue [...]

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Love and Appreciation Poems

This one here is an appreciation poem for someone we love. Sometimes, we tend to take our partner for granted and when that happens, it is always sweet to let them know that life with them is truly wonderful. A Blissful Life Everyday you wake me up with a kiss Love and hugs the day [...]

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Courting Poem

Why not try to send a courting poem to see how the person you are after responds to your feelings? This short courting poem below is straight to the point and if you are finding it hard to express yourself verbally, a poem may just be able to help you out of your predicament. Available [...]

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Short Romantic Love Poems

Watching the sun set along the beach always have a romantic feel to it for any couple. If you want a short and ryhming love poem to give to your beloved when both of you have experienced this romantic moment together, do have a read of this poem below. Hope you will find it suitable [...]

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Lost Love Poems

If you are looking for a lost love poem for someone you still care about and would like a second chance, have a look at the poem below. Sometimes, it is indeed hard to get through to our partner to ask for another go at the relationship. Perhaps a poem will be able to make things less [...]

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