Brains Or Brawn

This week’s Love Q is focused on the ladies. Just a simple general question that have to do with your own preferences when it comes to men. Given a choice, would you rather date a man with brains or brawn? Don’t be greedy and tell me you want both, ok? Just for fun, pick one and [...]

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Appearance When Dating

When we first start out on a relationship, we will usually try to look our best. We will think a little (or a lot) of what to wear, which perfume to put on and so on. After a while, though, when the excitement has died down and we start to get comfortable in the relationship, [...]

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First Date Turn-Offs

When you decide to go on a first date with another person, you would naturally have certain expectations of him or her. And if the person fails to meet those expectations, that might well end up as a turn-off and there certainly won’t be a second date to come. Some people find being late is [...]

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The First Date

I know I have written about this before in my other blog but I think this one does make an interesting debate. All females want equality but some still prefer their partners to be old-fashioned gentlemen. Other women, on the other hand, would like everything to be on an equal footing. So, when it comes to the [...]

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