Readers Poems


Why not send us your own poems and we will put them live on our site.

Simply submit them in the comments box and we will put them live.

Writing your own poem can be as simple or as complex as you like. Remember not all poems have to rhyme! Poetry is a fantastic way of expressing your feelings, whether it is to a friend, family or the one you love.


Write your poem for the world to see

Set your words and lyrics free

Write it now for all to share

Short or sweet we don’t care

Write words of love or words of woe

Write words for the person you’ll never let go.

Write words of joy and words of fun

Write words about that love you won.

We will put them on our short sweet site

Send them through! Day or night


One Response to “Readers Poems”

  • Kira peppers says:

    Johnathan wylie
    You stole my heart the first time I layed eyes on you we was at church but we couldn’t keep our eyes of of one another
    Love is gone from your heat
    But my love for u just grows stronger
    Thoses eyes could light up the darkest night skys
    That smile melts my heart
    The arms you held me with made me feel safe
    Now your gone and I’m alone I feel unprotected
    Laying in bed saying I wanna spend the rest of my life with you
    And you agreed to now your gone and I can’t stay strong its dragging me down
    My shattered and tatterd heart still beats for u
    The reason is because I still love you
    I wish I may I wish I might still have you here in my arms tonight
    Still putting up the fight to wine u back
    After five years our friendship is still strong
    Why won’t you come home and be were you belong
    You are the best thing that has ever happens in my life my blessing my life

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