Stand By Me

For years, I have given chase For a love that stays From a lover I can trustingly embrace Who loves me in a thousand different ways. I want a person who has much grace With a character that conveys That strength and kindness are in place Together with love that never betrays. Would it happen [...]

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My darkened heart

My darkened heart Thought it’d never see the day But your love began to part The shadow looming gray Our young love Is like a bird and nest In morning parts the dove But flies back by night to rest Every moment growing Knowing not its bound Neither of us knowing The ship would run [...]

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I Still Love My Ex Poem

I think many people tend to miss their exes although they may have split up. For some, the love would still be there after the break up and it can be a painful experience. So, I hope you will be able to relate to a ‘I still love my ex’ poem below. Available at [...]

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Unrequited Love Poem

If you love someone but he/she doesn’t love you in return, it can be a painful experience. This is when you like to ask yourself why your love is unrequited when your feelings run so deep. The unrequited love poem below speaks of this predicament. Available at Why Don’t You Love Me? I love you [...]

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Valentine’s Day Poem

Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, here is a I love you poem to give to your beloved. With the first letter of each line spelled out to say I love you, this poem should be most appropriate for this occasion. Available at  Valentine’s Day – I Love You Inside my heart, you are [...]

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Falling In Love Again Poem

When you have been hurt once before, falling in love again can be hard because of the fear of another disappointment. For some, that fear can be difficult to overcome and this is reflected in this falling in love again poem below. Available at A Fear I’m trying not to fall in love again Been [...]

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I Love You Christmas Poem

If you want to reaffirm your love to your partner this Christmas, say it with a I love you Christmas poem. A warm and sweet greeting to make it extra special for a cheerful occasion. Available at A Warm Season Merry Christmas to you, my darling This year is quickly coming To an end [...]

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Short Christmas Love Poem

With Christmas around the corner, it is only natural that I come up with a short love poem for the season. A light-hearted Christmas poem this one is in line with the festive feeling we all feel come December. Available at Christmas Kisses  As I decorate the Christmas tree I’m smiling with glee ‘Coz in [...]

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