I feel pain I feel sorrow

* I feel pain I feel sorrow Is there any happiness I could borrow? thinking of you every waking hour you are my fragile flower I can not control my fascinations nor control my my tolerations I wish you know and always will baby you are my drugging pill I cant stop taking it but [...]

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Falling In Love Poems

When you are in love and want the other person to know, a short falling in love poem would make a good way to express how you feel. This poem below speaks of waiting for an answer to get a relationship to progress further. Waiting For An Answer As I walk along the shore Thinking [...]

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Courting Poem

Why not try to send a courting poem to see how the person you are after responds to your feelings? This short courting poem below is straight to the point and if you are finding it hard to express yourself verbally, a poem may just be able to help you out of your predicament. Available [...]

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