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Readers Poems – Love

* If you were to be mine, And I became yours, We’d spend all our lives in the great outdoors. We’d buy a big house, In old Santa Fe, And live there until our dying day. I’d love you forever, and never give up, On the future we have, my sweet Buttercup * “I Love [...]

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Readers Poems – For Your Husband

* It hits me hard and steals my breath… Too painful to stay above the clouds… The rain and the wind push me down… Unable to move, in my tears I drown… I feel your arms wrap around me tightly… through the thunder I hear your voice… I hear you whisper “I’ll keep you safe”… [...]

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Readers Poems – Miss You

* How much I miss you I can’t believe your gone it feels so unreal. This pain that I’m feeling, I don’t know if it can heal. I feel like I’ve known you for my whole life. Without you with me it feels like my heart got stabbed with a knife. I really wish we [...]

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Readers Poems – Birthday for Lover

* Occasions I have celebrated with you But your birthday is always the most special do Over the years the love just grew Knowing that you love me very much too Thinking of your smiles as the candles you blew I hope many more birthdays we have in queue To celebrate together the whole life [...]

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Readers Poems – Teenage

* When your far away my heart follows your trail Sitting here next to me my love becomes an endless river Winding around the bends and dips of our trials, it goes on Our hands join together but our souls become one In your eyes I see what heaven holds for us Love has blinded [...]

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Readers Poems – Sorry

* Baby I know I did wrong, I hurt you But I swear to you, I love you You are my world, my rock my sole I could never let you go We worked things out, but I lost my trust To get it back is a must Things have changed, we aren’t how we [...]

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Readers Poems – For Your Girlfriend

* My love for you has grown bigger each and everyday. Ever since I told you I liked you. It’s like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. * The way I feel about you will never change. I don’t know when I don’t think about you. Even when I’m asleep I still think about [...]

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Readers Poems – Still Love My Ex

* A Second Chance Without you all I feel is despair getting thru’ the day is one big nightmare all I can do is sit and stare At photos of us taken as a pair. I know much unhappiness was in the air Lots of hurt and pain lingering there If I could, I’ll take [...]

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