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I Love You Christmas Poem

If you want to reaffirm your love to your partner this Christmas, say it with a I love you Christmas poem. A warm and sweet greeting to make it extra special for a cheerful occasion. Available at A Warm Season Merry Christmas to you, my darling This year is quickly coming To an end [...]

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Short Christmas Love Poem

With Christmas around the corner, it is only natural that I come up with a short love poem for the season. A light-hearted Christmas poem this one is in line with the festive feeling we all feel come December. Available at Christmas Kisses  As I decorate the Christmas tree I’m smiling with glee ‘Coz in [...]

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Sweet Poems Of Love And Appreciation

If someone we love has been a source of support and encouragement when we go after our dreams, a sweet poem of love as dedication will be most touching indeed. Available at Reaching For The Stars My dreams I have continued to pursue Up high I tried to reach all the stars in view [...]

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Romantic Love Poetry

A short romantic love poetry that you can dedicate to your sweetheart. When love fills the heart, it is always sweet to express it by way of a romantic love poem or note. Available at Sweethearts By the lake with its warm air You run your fingers thru’ my hair Into each other’s eyes we [...]

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Heartbroken Poem

A poem for the heartbroken that tells of the depth of feelings for the partner who has left. When the feeling is deep and sincere but the person we love does not feel the same, it is indeed a heartbreaking moment when the relationship ends. Available at Hidden Depth You said I didn’t love you [...]

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Short Rhyming Romantic Love Poem

A short rhyming romantic love poem for a couple who sees themselves as two of a kind. Just like most of my other love poems here, this is a simple creation which hopefully can make someone feel special today. Available at Two Of A Kind As I sit and let my thoughts drift Calm [...]

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Troubled Relationship Poem

When we are facing problems in our relationship, often times, we are at a loss of what to do. Hopefully, this troubled relationship poem will have that uplifting spirit to help you move on. Available at Be Bold When we started out years ago Warmth ruled in our little household We cuddled and kisses would [...]

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I Miss You Poem

Being far away from the one you love is always tough. The longing can be paralysing and there is not a day that goes by without you feeling a little blue, wishing if only he or she could be beside you. This I miss you poem reflects on that. Available At A Longing The longing penetrates [...]

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