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Readers Poems – Love

* If you were to be mine, And I became yours, We’d spend all our lives in the great outdoors. We’d buy a big house, In old Santa Fe, And live there until our dying day. I’d love you forever, and never give up, On the future we have, my sweet Buttercup * “I Love [...]

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* Feelings are hard to show for some of us Feelings are hard to show even with trust Some can let them out, Some keep them in But with a kind heart and caring ear You make all my worries disappear I can come to you for anything, this I’ve come to know You showed [...]

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Readers Poems – For Your Girlfriend

* My love for you has grown bigger each and everyday. Ever since I told you I liked you. It’s like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. * The way I feel about you will never change. I don’t know when I don’t think about you. Even when I’m asleep I still think about [...]

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Readers Poems – For Your Boyfriend

* I know I’m young but this is love; Sent from god, from up above, He sent me rain he sent me snow; I love you boy, I promise to show, You make me happy, touch my heart; I promise baby this is only the start, Just take my hand, follow me; We can make [...]

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Readers Poems – Roses are Red

* Roses are red Violets are blue, Next year I Will Marry You! * Roses are red Violets are blue I can’t think of no other But you * Roses are red Violets are blue they’re all beautiful But more are you * Roses are gray, violets are gray, so be my valentine today. ———————————— [...]

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Stand By Me

For years, I have given chase For a love that stays From a lover I can trustingly embrace Who loves me in a thousand different ways. I want a person who has much grace With a character that conveys That strength and kindness are in place Together with love that never betrays. Would it happen [...]

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I Still Love My Ex Poem

I think many people tend to miss their exes although they may have split up. For some, the love would still be there after the break up and it can be a painful experience. So, I hope you will be able to relate to a ‘I still love my ex’ poem below. Available at [...]

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Valentine’s Day Poem

Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, here is a I love you poem to give to your beloved. With the first letter of each line spelled out to say I love you, this poem should be most appropriate for this occasion. Available at  Valentine’s Day – I Love You Inside my heart, you are [...]

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