Break-Up Love Poems

Ending a relationship is always tough. These break-up love poems tell of loneliness which is only natural if you feel deserted. However, sometimes, even if a relationship has ended, it certainly doesn’t mean we do not miss the person, however cruel he or she may have treated you. Mend My Soul When you walked out [...]


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Short Lost Love Poems

Sometimes, when we think of the happier past, it is very natural for regret and bitterness to creep up, especially when we feel that we have been unfairly treated. An Empty Dream Think of the past I can feel the happiness Think of the present I’m filled with sadness Our love used to shine with [...]


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Lost Love Poems

If you are looking for a lost love poem for someone you still care about and would like a second chance, have a look at the poem below. Sometimes, it is indeed hard to get through to our partner to ask for another go at the relationship. Perhaps a poem will be able to make things less [...]

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