I Love You

Readers Poems – Love

* If you were to be mine, And I became yours, We’d spend all our lives in the great outdoors. We’d buy a big house, In old Santa Fe, And live there until our dying day. I’d love you forever, and never give up, On the future we have, my sweet Buttercup * “I Love [...]

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Readers Poems – For Your Husband

* It hits me hard and steals my breath… Too painful to stay above the clouds… The rain and the wind push me down… Unable to move, in my tears I drown… I feel your arms wrap around me tightly… through the thunder I hear your voice… I hear you whisper “I’ll keep you safe”… [...]

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I love u more each and every day

I love you more each and every day, Your so beautiful and perfect in every way, My love for u will never delay, I’ll never let go, not even for a day, I’ll never leave you, I’ll always be by your side, To hold you and to protect you, always making your day shine, On [...]

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Secret Love Poem

When you are in love with someone but is afraid to confess, it can be a torturing experience. But you can try to use a secret love poem to make this easier for your feelings to be made known. Deepest Feeling Have you ever loved someone on the quiet Where your deepest feelings are kept a secret You are [...]

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Love Growing Stronger Poem

A rhyming love poem to let someone know how your love is growing stronger by the day. You can amend the number of years both of you have been together to make it more personalized. Make him or her feel touched with this love poem below. Available at AllPosters.com Growing Love 3 years we have [...]


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Poems Of Support And Love

When you love someone, you would always want to be beside the person through thick and thin. This is a short poem to say I love you and to send a message that you will be standing by his or her side even through those unhappy and tough times. Love Will Remain I will offer [...]


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Sweet I Love You Poems

If you are looking for sweet love poems, consider this one below. This poem expresses your deep feelings for your partner whom you knew is the one from the moment both of you met. It is a poem of optimism given the strong love both of you share. A Sweet Love When I fist laid eyes [...]


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Short I Love You Poems

If you are in need of a short I love you poems, please feel free to take a look at the following. This one here is light-hearted in nature with a simple I love you message. Perhaps it is more suited for a guy to send this off but nevertheless, in today’s world of equality, it [...]


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