Readers Poems – Birthday for Lover

* Occasions I have celebrated with you But your birthday is always the most special do Over the years the love just grew Knowing that you love me very much too Thinking of your smiles as the candles you blew I hope many more birthdays we have in queue To celebrate together the whole life [...]

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Romantic Birthday Poems

Celebrating the birthday of someone you love certainly deserves a romantic birthday poem. This free poem below is about reaffirming your love and reassuring your partner that you will always be by her or his side. Happy Birthday, My Dear Now that your birthday is here I can’t wait to whisper in your ear That [...]

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Girlfriend Birthday Poem

If you want a birthday poem for your girlfriend, have a look at the poem below. Sometimes, when you love someone very much, it is not necessarily the materials things which will make her happy but instead having your love is probably more than sufficient to make her feel contented.   Available at Money Poor, [...]

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Birthday Poems For Lover

Celebrating a lover’s birthday? The following is a birthday poem for a lover which promises love and affection. If you have trouble figuring out what to buy for your partner’s birthday, this poem would probably make a good substitute for a change. A Promise Your birthday is approaching I’m sitting here contemplating Of a gift I should [...]

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