Sweet Poems Of Love And Appreciation

If someone we love has been a source of support and encouragement when we go after our dreams, a sweet poem of love as dedication will be most touching indeed. Available at Reaching For The Stars My dreams I have continued to pursue Up high I tried to reach all the stars in view [...]

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Poems On Faithful Love

Poem on loyalty and faithfulness for someone special is the theme of this short love poem below. If you have a partner who fits the characterictics below, it might make a sweet poem after all to thank him or her for the special feeling. Loyal Lover A partner who is gentle A joker who can [...]

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Strong Love Poem

This is a love poem to thank a beloved who has been like a rock offering companionship and support throughout. Available at Love As Strong As A Rock When I am down Beside me you will walk When I am scared The fears you will lock When I need someone to listen You will just let me talk [...]


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Thank You Love Poems

This one here is a thank you love poem for your partner if he or she has helped you through difficult periods in your life. You can use this poem to thank your love for providing the support when you felt down as a way to express your appreciation for what he or she has [...]

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Love and Appreciation Poems

This one here is an appreciation poem for someone we love. Sometimes, we tend to take our partner for granted and when that happens, it is always sweet to let them know that life with them is truly wonderful. A Blissful Life Everyday you wake me up with a kiss Love and hugs the day [...]

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