Secret Love Poem

When you are in love with someone but is afraid to confess, it can be a torturing experience. But you can try to use a secret love poem to make this easier for your feelings to be made known.

Deepest Feeling

Have you ever loved someone on the quiet
Where your deepest feelings are kept a secret
You are drawn to the person like a magnet
And yet you needed to keep things private.

Yes, I love you and an affair I covet
If only I could take my emotions out of the closet
To let you know you are my beloved on this planet
With a longing that is racing like a never ending circuit.

Concertino Per Flauto

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Anyway, this is another secret love poem which speaks of the fear of confessing and yet there is a burning hope of moving beyond mere frienship.

Beyond Friendship

I have admired you from afar
I don’t know how to confess what my feelings are
Because a friendship I don’t want to mar
A rejection will also leave me a deep scar.

It’s so hard keeping my love in a jar
When I want so much to cross that friendship bar
If only I can know if the door to your heart is ajar
So that I’m not destined to be just a friendship star.

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19 Responses to “Secret Love Poem”

  • KayKay says:

    the “beyond friendship” is like what i am feeling i want to be closer but i dont want to lose them as a friend or be rejected it would kill me.

  • Kriztina says:

    i like this guy…no..i LOVE him and i think he likes or even LOVES me too!! i want to stay with him but im not sure if he’ll reject me. we’re friends …we make each other laugh A LOT!!!! and love to make jokes and just have fun and we talk about personal stuff too. but i keep sayin that we’re friends and so does he…but 1 day i want it to be more than that. but i just dont want to be wrong and lose him or have be awkward between us 2. *sigh*

  • Britney says:

    I understand exactly how you are feeling Kriztina, I just went through the same thing. I had been friends with this guy for a few years and in the beginning I didnt like him like that but then something huge changes. I dont know what or when, but I couldnt keep it in anymore. i was so affraid of the akwardness of our friendship but I told him and know our friendship is 110 percent better, I would love for it to go furture but time is w akey. I told my self you know if we are true friends then no matter what is said we will get through it together. If not it was never a real friendship!

  • karen says:

    this is cute .

  • private says:

    i have this guy friend that i have know for 15 years and im married and now im madly in love with him its so hard cause we click together so great how do u know when they are the one? its so hard to know whether u make the right desions the first time…

  • monty says:

    sweet yaar nd ussable

  • Harriet says:

    i Hate coz i really like this boy, and he knows i like him and he told me he like me to but it wired through coz we are really close mate and everythink, but i don’t wanna lose what we have but i want us to be more as a mate, we kiss once and it’s felt soo good coz i told i love him and he said it back to me but i just don’t really know what i should do !!xx
    hate when love is hard to sort out :( xx

  • Andrew says:

    its so obvious he also feels the same and is in the same shoes as yours its upon you to take up an lion heart and confess coz the more you keep it below waters the more you hart and i know he harts too hurry before its too late i would say love is like wind it blows away

  • badeth says:

    there is one person whom i think i love…or its just a simple crush..the hardest part is i’m a committed person that’s why its really hard for me to control what i really feels…i choose to keep my feelings as a secret…better not to ruin my relationship with my boyfriend…am i being unfair to my boyfriend ??????

  • Jake, says:

    Yes I am a guy, but there is this girl..she is humble..she makes me laugh. i smile when we talk, no matter what, but i don’t want to ruin our friendship, it sucks…bad. And we have so much in common…i don’t know what to do…i don’t want to ruin anything.

  • Kassandra says:

    I really like theses 3 guys Seth, Logan and Cody. There all very nice 2 me but they all are my freinds.
    I hate love in the darkness… I…I dont no what 2 do….
    Im afraid ill end our freindship…..

  • shanu says:

    im so inlav wit him…i wan him in my life…… i saw him ony once….cant wait 2c him again,,,,dat feelings is terribly great!!….simple say would b surperb….

  • mac says:

    i must confess you are the secret i kept best
    friends forever we’ll still be, eventhough i know
    you’re the one meant for me.
    u laugh at my corny jokes every time i tell em,
    ur essence lives on my clothes cuz i can still smell em.
    do you notice when i stare at you just a little longer than i should ?
    do you notice that i reach out to you every chance i could?
    this secret crush is killing me softly every day.
    i lose control inside and fumble what to say.
    a total dork looking for a glimpse of hope that you would just submit to me.
    so here I write to you from my closet, will you see this, i highly doubt it.
    Ill still be the one you count on , your bestest friend by wide and far,
    because a door is never only a door, when its ajar.

  • trinibabe says:

    real sweet mac

  • baby gurl says:

    i lke diz guy and dnt noe how to tell him….. im not sure if hel laugh or say the same back my friend whos really close to me told me he told her he lied me but i asked him and he said he never said that…………. im torn who should i belive

  • baby gurl says:

    i ment liked me

  • Hannah hong says:

    Omg happy day

  • autum says:

    im dating this guy and i like him alot but i dont knkow his feelings for me and im too chicken to ask him…i dont know what to do??!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine says:

    Your work is beautiful and I can relate to it

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