Sad Love Poems

When a relationship comes to an end, a sad love poem can be used to express emotions. This one below is about sad tears for a love gone.

Dripping Tears

When love is gone
A curtain seems to have drawn
No sunlight and no dawn
Only darkness from hereon.

Happy memories of days bygone
Now shine bright like neon
The more the past should be sawn
The more it appears for tears to drip upon.

Disappointed Love, 1821

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This second sad love poem is about letting someone go and crying aloneĀ in silence. A common situation for a love that has died when someone chooses to leave.

Leaving Me Alone

When it’s time to say goodbye
There’s no point asking why
No matter how hard I try
Love can still simply die.

Although I want you nearby
Your heart I cannot tie
If away from me you want to fly
Go and leave me alone to cry.

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