I’m Sorry Love Poems

If you have broken your beloved’s trust and want to apologize for your actions, try this I’m sorry love poem below. Let him or her knows that you hope to be forgiven and that you are truly sorry for your actions.

Hoping For Forgiveness

Your confidence in me is shaken
Your trust in me fully broken
Our past happiness seems forgotten
And it is me who allow it to happen.

So, sorry needs to be spoken
For I know you’re heartbroken
But I hope your heart will soften
And somehow, one day I can be forgiven.

The First Rendezvous

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If you have done something wrong and the person you care about is unhappy, an apology is certainly in order. Below is another love poem for you to say I’m sorry for what you have done.

A Sincere Apology

How could I have been so silly
To do what I did recently
If I could turn back the clock accordingly
I wouldn’t have chosen to hurt you so badly.

So, please accept my sincere apology
For making you so angry
Not that it will make me feel less guilty
It’s just that I can’t bear to see you so unhappy.

P/S: If you have broken someone’s heart and he or she has now become your ex, read a friend’s story on how she got back hers. You can find her love story here. Be proactive because the longer you wait, the harder your task becomes!

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30 Responses to “I’m Sorry Love Poems”

  • linda says:

    i love this poem…its the best one i have ever read!?

  • Mysterious! says:

    Yeaah these Poems are good as.

  • theresakoomar says:


  • Boy Youu Runn Trouu Myy Head Evry Minute Of The Day, Why Cant Youu UnderStand That iiLove Uu,,Okay! Uu Aiint Ever Gunna Make Me Change My Mind Cause Uu The Only Boyy iiLove Cause Youur One Of A Kind iif Uu Ever Feel The Same,, Stell Me And Babe Please Stop Playiin Youur Stupiid Game.
    Yeaah Youu Have One Youu Left Me HeartBroken But That Dont make Youu Eny Harder Naw Then Wha Youu Ever have Been Youu Jusst A Show Off No Harder Than Wha Youu Seem ,,.. P.S ( iiJussDontUnderStandWhyyiiLoveeUuLiikeiiDoo)


  • Babee, Listen Too Mee Naw BeFour it Gets too Late
    Cause Thiis Iss Important Itt Really
    Cant Wait, And Well……
    ii Cheated On Youu Buhh Trust Me Boo ii Wuldt Doo That Juss Too Hert Youu!
    Its Cause Youu Kissed Bekkii
    When Youu Was Goiin Four Thee Kiss Yuu Wer Straight Up blinkkin Nahh Babe Wha Was ii Finkinn I Doo Love Youu And We Cant Make it work Lets Try ,
    Cause We Have Biin Trouu Enough, And ii Held Youu Down Wen Tiimes Got Routh,,
    Please B, Listen Too Mee,, iif I Promiise Uu Too Love And Too Bee Truthful && Would Youu Lovee Me Liiike Youu Usedd Too Cause No Matter Wha Youu Doo iin The End ii’l Always Lovee Uu



  • iiLoveeUu

  • missinubabe says:

    poem was amazing!!!! i wish i could get back my babe! i made the biggest mistake of my life!!!!!!!!

  • anita says:

    its was an awesome poem

  • unonimus says:

    im sorry plez forgive me even though i gave you my heart key i blow it i made a mistake nothing can make u change ur mind nt even cake

  • annica says:

    i think this poem was the best one i’v read i just wish my man can say sorry just like they did to there love one

  • alma says:

    i messed up big time……..i was a real bitch a hoe,
    i’m real real sorry you know,
    i ….i …i dnt know what to do,
    i feel soo bad…….BABY I LUV YOU!!
    im sorry israel..i luv you…

  • does it really work???
    anyways… i will still try my best so that he can forgive me…
    he jealous with my best friend’s friend…
    i didn’t mean to hurt him!
    so… why can’t he accept my apology???…!!!
    i can’t wait any longer…

  • I’m so sorry FRANCIS!
    if you forgive me… ill promise not 2 hurt you again for the rest of my life…

  • Jocelyn says:

    He needs to ask for fogiveness he messed up am tired though don’t knw if we will make it I love u Eddie but u let me down:(

  • andrew says:

    could have been abit better than that cause some thing cant be putt rite know matter what it is cause i hurt my partner and she is heart broken you hurt some one you gotta get off your back side and put your heart into it to make it rite

  • yan-yan says:

    can i used this poem please????

  • secret !!!!!! says:

    i made a mistake, a big mistake , i let go off you without thinking, i look at you now on my knees begging you please , it was a mistak ea bg mistake please forgive

  • I used to be very happy to seek out this web-site.I wished to thanks on your time for this excellent learn!! I definitely having fun with each little little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you weblog post.

  • abdullahi says:

    i realy made a mistake but if she forgives me, i promise i will keep her rest of my life…………
    i love you so much bby..

  • Briana Sharf says:

    I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to achieve my goals. I definitely love reading everything that is posted on your website.Keep the tips coming. I liked it!

  • How could I have been so silly
    To do what I did recently
    If I could turn back the clock accordingly
    I wouldn’t have chosen to hurt you so badly.

    So, please accept my sincere apology
    For making you so angry
    Not that it will make me feel less guilty
    It’s just that I can’t bear to see you so unhappy.


    very loVELY POEMS…..THANKU;)


  • Alistair Francis says:

    Very lovely Poem indeed

  • Jessica says:

    I hope that this poem makes my bub not angry at me anymore.

  • Pop like says:

    LOVE IT.

  • Leviticus Logan says:

    i really love this poem it is very useful i am really in need of this poem

  • Trins Demon says:

    This Poem has Helped me with my loved one, it helped me and him get back together and he has forgiven me for what I did recently!!! <3

  • popps says:

    l love this poems

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