Wedding Proposal Poetry

A light-hearted wedding proposal poem for you to pop the question. Simple and short to help you melt the heart of your beloved.

A Chance

For days I have been pacing to and fro
Thinking of a way for me to show
My deep love with sincerity in tow
That you’ll have no reason to say no
It’s not that you’ll hurt my pride and ego
But it’s my heart that will feel sorrow
A chance I still have to take though
To ask if you’ll marry me so
To be together till old we grow
Walking hand-in-hand as the years flow.

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Apart from “Will you marry me?”, there are other ways to ask the all important question. A little poem for you to consider below.

A Wedded Pair

We have had this affair
For quite a while if you are aware
If love is in the air
A fairy tale ending is only fair
To show that I care
With a deep love for you to declare
Do you want to share
Life with me as a wedded pair?

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