Wedding Poems

If you are looking for wedding poems to dedicate to your other half, let’s have a look at these two below. They can be suitable as wedding day poems with the first one from the bride.

A Dream Come True

When you asked me to marry you
I didn’t need to think it through
Yes has to be the answer, I knew
‘Coz to me you have given your heart to.

How to be a good wife I have little clue
But I know my love will guide me through
Will give me the strength to subdue
All challenges that I may bump into.

This is because I love you too
To have you as my husband is a dream come true
Standing here today my emotions are few
Only bliss and happiness as you said “I do”.

Happy Marriage Recipe

Wedding Flowers

An occasion as special as a wedding requires perfect words that you can look back on with sweetness. My poems may or may not be suitable to you, but you certainly wouldn’t want to embarass yourself with a poor speech on your most important day. Hop over here to get those beautiful words from the bridge or groom to make your wedding day a perfect one.

In the mean time, a wedding poem from the groom. Hope you will find this filled with love and tenderness.

A Wedding Wish

When I popped the question, I had little clue
If you will marry me without further adieu
When you said yes, I finally blew
A sigh of relief as my life will consist of us two.

A wife is someone for a husband to
Protect, love, cherish and value
These and more are what is due
As I embarked on this new journey with you.

My wish is that I can come back to this same venue
To reaffirm my love after 10 or 20 years are through
To tell the world I still love you true
As much as I love you today when I said “I do”.

P/S: A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime happy occasion. To make it perfect, deliver a professionally written and inspirational wedding speech. Now, you don’t want to spoil a perfect day with a poor speech, embarassing yourself in front of family and friends, do you?

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7 Responses to “Wedding Poems”

  • Kipp says:

    I would like to speak to whomever wrote these two poems. I am a music major at ball state university in muncie, in and I would like to use these as lyrics to a vocal piece that I am beginning to write. My email is if you would email me with the subject “lyrics for 222″ I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • sandra says:

    this was a good poem i really did like it alot i do have a question is these poems from experience are did you two just maid theup?

  • Nellie says:

    Oh, great poems… After reading it, i wish i marry him soon…

  • kathy says:

    it is a rhyme poem which is easy to memorize. Short but sweet, nice work….

  • judith says:

    gr8 poems……. Peoms like these make you want to get married

  • ashley says:

    great poem, i actually will be getting married next month!!!

  • krizjhoy says:

    it was a very heart touching poems. Now that i am getting married this coming march 29 2011 i will going to use this oath.

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