Get Back Your Ex Love Poems

When you have broken off with someone, there are various ways you can try to get back with your ex. You can try a break-up love poem to melt her or his heart such as this one below.

Let’s Continue On

I know we have already split
Gone our separate ways indeed
Hurtful words have been said I admit
But it doesn’t mean love is dead and buried.

We have gone through so much with grit
The love for you my heart can’t be emptied
Why did I agree that we shall quit
When for our future I silently plead.

Now when all alone I sit
My feelings for you grow rather than recede
If only you can find it in your heart to permit
To continue where we left off and make it succeed.

I Hope You'll Dance

Available at

Although I hope my love poems can help you to get back your ex, I also know poems can only complement other actions that you may take. Who would risk their future happiness on a mere poem, right? If you care about the person deeply but you are at a loss of what to do and in despair, it only makes sense to listen to someone who has gone through the experience, isn’t it?

Use my short love poems if they are suitable, but I’m no expert in reconciliation, only a romantic at heart. So, hop over here instead. Read what a friend have to say about getting back an ex than merely relying on my poem.

Anyway, another break-up love poem for you to read through which hopefully will help you in your quest to get back your ex.

A Wish

Once we have a happy affair
Now sadness is in the air
So many sweet memories we share
Yet things now seem beyond repair.

You may think I no longer care
But if only you are fully aware
That I still wish we can be a pair
To love, cherish and treat you fair.

P/S: If you are already hurting emotionally, you might find the inspiration you need after reading my friend’s story. Don’t wait until it’s too late that your ex couldn’t care less about you anymore!

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64 Responses to “Get Back Your Ex Love Poems”

  • Dani says:

    Poems are just not my thing… but, sometimes I enjoy listening to it.. I think poems are good for soul.. keep us on our feet while all the challenges lie ahead..

  • brunoo says:

    i just broke up with the girl i love the most,i wanted to make her feel jealous by asking her friend out while she was watching us.i dont know how to get her back please help m e

  • treena says:

    i had a very good relation for the past few months but recently we have misunderstandings has lined up……………..and the relation is no longer smooth as before……….

  • fred says:

    my girlfriend recently broke up with me and i want to know how i can get her back. she says she still loves me and misses the times we shared. she even said that she stays up later than normal because she is up crying and that she cries when a memory of us, me, or what used to be comes into her mind. Now… she said that a was mean but that was because of other issues i told her about but when i told her about those issues she said it was to late. she also said that i get jealous to easily and am to clingy…. i still love her and still think that she is the one. not a day goes by that i don’t miss her. how can i get her back. please help me

  • jhA says:

    i thought i be happy with no one..when i break with him,.i felt miserable..till now..10 months ago..ill love him obviously..i know im gonna go with this forever in my

  • Misterious! says:

    Well i meet this boy 2 years ago.
    And we started going out on and off for 8 months.
    and now were over hes had 2 girlfriends since me.
    And even got one pregnant.
    And my sapose too be best friend sleeped with him.
    I no i shouldnt love him and i should move on but i just cant i think about him every day and night i dont no what too do.
    I love him so much.

  • Tim says:

    Umm ok Mr. Ious,
    First of all it is spelled “Mysterious”
    NOT Misterious.
    And you really need to get your head straight.
    He has been with two other girls since you.
    He does not love you.
    He got another girl pregnant.
    Are you kidding me, do you really want to involve all that complication into your life.
    Move on Mr. Ious, the ship has sailed.

  • anthony says:

    dis iz da best poems i ever read for mi gurl

  • i love my ex to bits and just over 1 lie he dont wanna be he wants me to dump all my friends and i can’t i love him to bits he sleeps with me then takes me out to dinner just cuz my gyal called he broke up with me what shall i do i love him to bits 4 days none stop crying cant sleep plz help what should i do.

  • ive tryed everything to get ma ex back even begged him any suggestions ppl he dnt wanna nw me wt shall i do.

  • Kayla says:

    Me and my bf harley just broked up because i told him that he was useing me for sex but then he was not and idk what to do and now i miss him like crazy =( what should i do pleasee help mee.

  • gregory says:

    me in my girl broke up in middle of air force trainning course we was going to be pilots she stay up all nite crying about are memorys

  • prudence says:

    i ment this boy and the 1st time we saw each other we jst fall inlove.he was everything i wanted he was so sweet funny caring and most he showed me he cared..everytime i was with him i felt safe but know that all had to end when he told me his going up africa(his in the army) for 8 months.i was cool with everything untill he said baby i dont want you to put your future on hold,i felt like my world was coming to an end..i miss him and i just wish were we together..but how does one fight for that kind of love i so want him back and i dont wanna seem

  • Ella says:

    me and my girlfriend broke up christmas eve we still broken up now and its like new years eve i really miss er she was my frist love and now without her i feel all dead inside she made me complete she made me the girl who i am today i cant stop crying i havent step foot out the house since the day i cant sleep or eat all thats on my mind is her….. i am only 15 and isouldnt be feeling like this… so please can you help me with some advise to try an get her back with me… thanks alot xoxooxox ella

  • chris says:

    i love my ex soo much she toldme it was over 2 days ago shetold me she love the guy she dated befor me the hole time me and her dated we dted for 7 mouths and she told me las nig the onley way me and her will get back togever is if i get ous are oun place i told her i wold doo tht idont know wy but i love her soo much i dont care wut hppens as long as i get her back soo im looking for a good pome to get her back

  • idontcareman says:

    shame man thats wah you guizz call a depertate person …play hard 2 geh man ………

  • idontcareman says:

    luk yeh u maybe thinkin im a wanka buh thats wah i truly fink

  • Money_man says:

    Ppl wen u love sum gurl u would do anything 4 her give her sum time and make her realize that she caint life with out it might take a while but from experiance it will turn out to b good


    well to start off i like these poems so much they are exactly how i feel…most of them.
    adn i just nrecently broke up wiht my boyfriend at the time i thougth it was best to be without him but now all i feel is love for him…he was a grate bf he was the reasin i woke up in the morning but now the only reason i wake up is to see him happy.As much as i’d love to have him back i know that it i sn’ possible :’(
    ily!_____ 유♥웃

  • Pls do reply says:

    Hi! im a lady of 24 yrs,ive been dating this man since 2004 and everything was going well,we agueid just like all couples do,then in 2006 he got a job offer in Cape Town mean while i stay in Johannesburg,i wasnt so pleased with him moving away but he told me he wasn’t going to stay there for too long he would keep aplying for a job around where i stayed and i believed him,but then our love growed from strong to stronger than before even though i never believed in long distance relationship,we became the happiest couple,we exchanged visiting in order to keep in touch with each other,he’s so loving,caring,respectfull an loyally..but then came 2009 everything changed,i started feeling neglated and i told him,but he would make excuses about work and how tied he was,he would go on for two days without calling,and when i call him he would tell me that he loves me its just that he’s been so busy,he gave me excuses that ive never heared before,i felt so lonely,of which let me to chit on him and i felt so bad coz i was using that guy for my own sorrows…months went by with our tense conversations until one day i felt comletly lonely,i wanted to make him jealous so i decided to send him an sms telling him that i have found my self a man an how he makes me feel like a real woman should feel and i acused him of dating his ex gf and since that day everything has been a real big mess,but after a while we started talking again and he asked me to visite,bt when the day of visiting was nearer he stoped calling and when i called him,he would just say he would call at night of which he never did…its been a full year since ive seen him and im going crazy coz im missing like crazy,ive been trying to accept that it is over even though he has never said it himself,but his action tells me that it is over…but still i want him back,and ive been sending him sms’s telling him how much i love him and that i wouldn’t let him go..pls help me get back my man.

  • Pls do reply says:

    I just want my man back,without him my life is on hold,i wanna get married an want to have kids of my own with him,coz i dont want to get married to someone that i dont know

  • Pls do reply says:

    It is true what they say when they say u only love once or twice in a life time,so thats why i declare my love to Trevor Mojalefa Mokgautsi,ladies out there please know that this one man is taken

  • Davina says:

    My ex boyfriend has dated 1 girl before me
    And I really miss him still
    Hurtful words was said to each other
    But after all that has happened
    I dont feel like our loved has died yet
    Me and him were dating for 7 months
    I dont feel 7 months of love goes away in a week

  • Dustin says:

    I think these poems are great. I wright songs for my band and i think these poems are really inspiring.

  • Genna says:

    My ex got back with his ex and i love him to bits i 4 week pregnant to him but i’m scared to tell him

  • get ex wife back says:

    Nice write up there, some really good information you have

  • d boy says:

    sometimes how ever much you love some1 it just aint working then you both have to go your own ways i way with some1 when i was 16 for a bit at that age you think you know what love is i let her go and got with some1 else and was with her for 5 years and there wasnt a day that went by i didnt stop thinking about the girl i was with when i was 16 ,8 years down the line we got back together and was together for 2 years the last few weeks we aint been getin on and she said that its over then is nothing i can do but give her time .remember people the heart grows fonder when your apart never ever 4get that . good luck people >

  • ghost says:

    i want my queen back i need a poem to win her back….. i love this girl too much to let her go… i want her back please help me . i new to the state where i live so i don’t have much friends.. so i am askin u guys … this is what happen .. how can i put it ….i take care of my lil brother.. and i haven’t been in his life for a long time he is (10) me and my mom well lets see i ran away when i was 11 and we haven’t seen each other since..i am 29 now have two beautiful baby girls one is 13 and 5 i got back into my family life for my babies.. and my mom have a big tomer in her head and my dad is useless i mean useless nothing.. back to my love of my life .so i tryied to give her all the time i can give but i take care of my mom and bro so it got in the way of me and her but she knew how my life was..i lie to her once but never cheated on her never..we are from two different backgroun i am black she is latina beautiful lady.. look i

  • HisForever11 says:

    Its funny how poems can match your love life.

  • xo the great says:

    I’m trying to figure out a way to get my ex wifwe back in my life. she’s only been gone away from me for six months but it feel like an eternity . i know she probably hates me for all the wrong i’ve done but no matter what i try to do my love for her still flows thick. I need her like a flower needs light in order to grow . i’ve made a terrible mistake of not being honest . i’ve made a pact with myself to be true so i pray, hope, wish for her to even consider being friends because i miss her dearly

  • Steve says:

    I broke up with my girlfriend about to weeks ago I got mad and I said
    it was over I thought this time would be like befor that we made it threw
    things but it’s not she says I’ve hurt her so much i felt I lost part of me
    I cry alot just thinking of her and how I should of done shit diffrent there’s nights I can’t sleep I cant eat i noticed that I’m miserable witout her but
    it hurt to fell this way and cry and see her being happy with her friends
    do guys out there listen to what they have to say and girls don’t think that holding things in make rings better they make them worse I’ve beged her to get back with me I told her I would do anything for her but that don’t work man if anybody has ever been threw what I’m going threw I want to know what u have to say I want my girl back so bad plzzzzz people help

  • i love you tylha so so much says:

    you make me want to screm hayden loves you so much tylha i love you

  • oct. 23, 2010 says:

    me and my girlfriend fell so hard for each other but i texted my ex and i didnt mean anything by that but my girlfriend took as me cheating on her. now all of her friends and family dont want us together but we miss each other so much. she wants to be with me and i want to be with her but we have so many things in our way. a trust issue is the biggest and i understand that but i just want to get over all the problems and be with her again and be happy.

  • luke says:

    hi all i have lost my EX all beacuse she lied to me about hanging with her ex boyfriend she said she still loves me but she dont want me mean i left on friday but she never showed any upsetment she never cryed or out she i have to ask her if she misses me but she dont say out!!!



  • cameron says:

    i met a girl right away i knew she wa something special i made really bad choices and i need her forgiveness i am considering going to the united states marines corps all i want is her love more than anything … i have done cruel things to her that words cant make up for

  • Dylan says:

    Help me plz i miss my Gf and we just broke up and she said she wants me back but she is affraid of who knows

  • terry david says:

    when you left life became short and misable seem that the pain never stop in it .All the love disappeared on the side of hurtness i stare wonder when is it going to stop then i realize its stop soon as you walk back to my life…..

  • I love you Aaron clancy says:

    I love my ex to pices we split over the most stupid mistake, i miss him so very much we had been together for 2years, and i just dont know what to do :’(

  • valerie montgomery says:

    To the one i love

  • shav says:

    a broke up with ma gf now i wnt her an im tryin everytin

  • Stephen says:

    I met this girl, I cared for her so much i just knew there was something special about her, she wasnt just no other girl she was special, she felt the same for back for a while until she dumped me and finally told me she grew tierd of me and she doesnt feel the same way i do now someone please tell me what to do?

  • Stephen says:

    To the one i love the most, i think of her everynight i try my best to get her back i keep pushing and fighting, but still i just cant seem ti get her back, i wish there was some other way, day by day time goes by im losing this precious time, nut now it seems to late, someone try to help me?!!!!!

  • i love you lauren says:

    me and my girlfriend broke up ive had her on my mind ever since i love her so much i dont know what to do i messed up a perfect relationship please forgive me and get back with me i will do anything for her i love you lauren and i always will :’(

  • All I need to know is wheather my ex boyfriend still loves me or not, and everything will become clear. Help me, please.

  • kiki says:

    my boyfriend just bronk up with me and i cant eat or sleep knowing dat hes out of my life i love so much help me get him back

  • kiki says:

    thanks i did everything from here i got my boyfriend back im so happy

  • Bernezzy says:

    So I want advice so we went out for like 7 months and we have been in many arguments and I love her like so much and I got so mad at her that this other girl was trying to cheer me up. So I kinda starting flirting with her . And my gf (ex) found out then we broke up what do you think will be then best way to get her back?

  • angel says:

    i just lost the love of my life maybe for good i love him wit all my heart i just want him back im tryin everything

  • Scott Abbott says:

    My gf dumped me, because she wasnt sure about her feelings , but she says she loves me and then this other came in and said he liked her and asked her out… I’m trying to win her back, but it’s hard

  • heart broken gir says:

    Ok so my bf resently broke up with me like today!!! Cant stop crying!! The only reason was because we go to different schools!!! I love himm soooo much and even though we broke up he still tells me he loves me!!! I want my baby back!!!!!!

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