Get Back Your Ex Love Poems

When you have broken off with someone, there are various ways you can try to get back with your ex. You can try a break-up love poem to melt her or his heart such as this one below.

Let’s Continue On

I know we have already split
Gone our separate ways indeed
Hurtful words have been said I admit
But it doesn’t mean love is dead and buried.

We have gone through so much with grit
The love for you my heart can’t be emptied
Why did I agree that we shall quit
When for our future I silently plead.

Now when all alone I sit
My feelings for you grow rather than recede
If only you can find it in your heart to permit
To continue where we left off and make it succeed.

I Hope You'll Dance

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Although I hope my love poems can help you to get back your ex, I also know poems can only complement other actions that you may take. Who would risk their future happiness on a mere poem, right? If you care about the person deeply but you are at a loss of what to do and in despair, it only makes sense to listen to someone who has gone through the experience, isn’t it?

Use my short love poems if they are suitable, but I’m no expert in reconciliation, only a romantic at heart. So, hop over here instead. Read what a friend have to say about getting back an ex than merely relying on my poem.

Anyway, another break-up love poem for you to read through which hopefully will help you in your quest to get back your ex.

A Wish

Once we have a happy affair
Now sadness is in the air
So many sweet memories we share
Yet things now seem beyond repair.

You may think I no longer care
But if only you are fully aware
That I still wish we can be a pair
To love, cherish and treat you fair.

P/S: If you are already hurting emotionally, you might find the inspiration you need after reading my friend’s story. Don’t wait until it’s too late that your ex couldn’t care less about you anymore!

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64 Responses to “Get Back Your Ex Love Poems”

  • Dhawal says:

    I hve date my gf for 8years and some problems happend betwen us and nw we have broken up.. all i knw is tht i want her bk… guys if u cn help me pls do help me..

  • Justin Pumillo says:

    my girlfriend broke up with me and she said that she is happy single and her heart is somewere else were, I want her back in my life caues I know that she is one that i wanna be with for the rest of my life to love and care for everyday of my life please help me

  • girl i miss says:

    me and my girl friend broke up a few days ago because my friend made us broke up and she wont give me a chance please help me i need her back!!!!

  • Rissy says:

    Like u people said you broke up with some one and still love them,well I still love someone

  • Rissy says:

    By the Way…I’ll always love u

  • bunny says:

    when we broke i was torn i loved u but now we have went separt ways and love hurts

  • Neisha says:

    I’ve been on and off with my boyfriend for 4 years , we finally broke up and its so hard , keep your head’s up ladies… good luckk!!

  • Nick says:

    I’m not big on poems, I’m more of a song writer. I swear that first poem is magic. I written lots of things about love and how it’s not dead and wishing she can see that it’s still there, she just said okay over the songs… I just read this poem to her and she cried… But she doesn’t want me back and now I’m the one crying and dying inside. I figured that I’ll start doing poems and maybe soon she’ll take me back.

  • justin agosto says:

    keep fighting….if u even feel the slightest pinch of love you fight. i wont ever for mine. idc what obstacles are in the way. i love her that much.

  • Kennedy says:

    I loved you for you…I never wanted this love to end….I would have not changed one thing about you, not one head of hair on you….Goodbye I love you forever and always <3

  • Christine says:

    I been with my ex for 7 yrs we have 2 kids together now he’s with some else an I want him back I want my family back I don’t know what to do love hurts I’m gonna keep fighting for him he’s the one I want

  • i love these poems because my boyfriend just dumped me today im a freshman in high school and all i want is a good men that loves me and that will stay with me

  • butterflygirl says:

    Its hard to get over an ex, but it does get better, keep your head up high, if you let your loved one go and him/her comes back it is true love!!!<3

  • Grady says:

    It really is difficult to find somebody who understands
    what they are saying, but it appears that you do know very well what you’re writing about, thanks a lot!

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