Love Growing Stronger Poem

A rhyming love poem to let someone know how your love is growing stronger by the day. You can amend the number of years both of you have been together to make it more personalized. Make him or her feel touched with this love poem below.

Piece of My Heart

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Growing Love

3 years we have been together
You have been a wonderful lover
All my worries seem as light as a feather
Because joy you have made me discover.

Everyday, comes sunny or rainy weather
It no longer seems to matter
Just thinking of you makes things better
Because I know I have you as my partner.

My love for you will last forever
All our times together I will remember
I know our future can be much happier
Because my love for you keeps growing stronger.

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8 Responses to “Love Growing Stronger Poem”

  • Nickii BABEZ says:

    I’ve been with this guy for soo long but how do i know hes the right guy i do i know he loves me i have all these questions to ask him but to scared My love for him is growing stronger each day but how do i know he feels the same way for me He’s been the sweetest guy i ever met the first guy that isn’t to scared to do anything for me I LOVE HIM and LIKE HIM we were best friends but that friendship was to strong no-one could come between us no-one could break it…..
    He tells me every night no-one will take me away from his heart but how do i know he really means it….Maybe we should of just been friends maybe not!!!!!I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!<3

  • Slimleo says:

    if you love him so much, there should be no question. You should not have worries, by the sounds of it hes head over heels for you and the best relationships are one were your partner is your best friend…..

    If you want to talk to him about it say go for it. im sure he would love hearing it, and im sure he will tell you that he LOVES YOU TOO.

  • Jonson says:

    i love this gal so much that i think about her day and night. But I’m away from her and what worries me is that she loves sex so much that when I’m not around i think that she may be unfaithful to me. what can i do?

  • pavel says:

    i love my babe so much and i keep on tellin her everyday and i ask her if she belived me and she said yes but i know she dont belive me anyways

  • pavel says:


  • Pavel Loaiza says:


  • cypcyp says:

    I love Karen Mweene with all my heart

  • Sir Power says:

    I love you Nana Akua Amponsah, I love you sooooooooo much sweety. God has really made u for me…………..
    kudos to you for your good works, keep giving us sweet poems for our lovers. Thank you.

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