Falling In Love Poems

When you are in love and want the other person to know, a short falling in love poem would make a good way to express how you feel. This poem below speaks of waiting for an answer to get a relationship to progress further.

Waiting For An Answer

As I walk along the shore
Thinking of someone whom I adore
How I wish she will explore
The future with me and what’s in store
I can’t promise richness on that score
But I have love and sincerity at the core
I don’t know what’s on her mind and more
But I sure hope I get the answer I’m looking for!

Memories on the Shore IV

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Another falling in love poem below to help you along should you need to know whether the other person may have the same romantic feelings for you.

Making Love Flourish

Of late I seem to have this wish
Of us walking hand-in-hand to the finish
I know this may seem childish
But when love grows, it doesn’t vanish
I wonder if together we can make it flourish
Leaving us memories for us to cherish?

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