Love Poems For A Husband

For a husband who has always been there for you, this is a simple love poem that you can dedicate to him. Let him know he is not only your husband but also your friend and that you love him just as much as he loves you.

 My Husband, My Friend

You’re my husband but also my friend
An ear you’ll always lend
To hear my complaints which have no end
Because you care to comprehend.

So, today, I have this penned
To let you know my love for you has no end
Care and understanding, you will always extend
To return the same and more is what I intend.

Love is Patient

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This one below is another love poem that you can write to your husband. It lists out all the characteristics of a good husband and if he is someone like that, it should make a nice little love poem.

 You Are A Gem

A husband is someone who doesn’t run
When my tears burst its dam.
Someone who knows what needs to be done
When I seem to be in a jam.
Someone who doesn’t shun
When all I want to do is condemn
Someone who loves me a ton
Just for being who I am.

You’re everything precious rolled into one
And to me, you’re such a gem.


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