Short Love Poems For A Wife

A wife is often someone who stands by her man through thick and thin. So, what better way to let her know that you can’t ask for anyone better than this short and light-hearted love poem?

No Better Wife

You have stood by me in my life
Through tears, laughter and strife
For all your love which is rife
I can’t ask for a better wife!

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If you have a sweet and loving wife and wish to let her know, this is another short love poem that you can use. Telling her that you are grateful that you found such a wonderful wife would certainly brighten her day, I’m sure.

Sweetest Wife

My weaknesses you don’t seem to mind
Our quarrels you leave them behind
Giving me a smile when problems lined
Through the years your love shined
I sure am grateful that luck and fate combined
Has given me a wife of the sweetest kind.


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