Love Poems For A Soul Mate

If you know you have found your soul mate, you might just like to dedicate this love poem to him or her. It is about meeting someone whom you could relate and talk to after periods of loneliness on your own.

A Soul Mate In A Stranger

Before I was a loner
Always brooding in my own shelter
Thought love would never stop by ever
As I couldn’t find that special lover.

Then I met you one summer
For hours we sat and talked to each other
Like old friends we were, I remember
Funny that I could find a soul mate in a stranger.

I knew then I have found the perfect partner
Someone I could love and cherish forever
Now, my love has only grown deeper
And life with you has never been sweeter.
First Kiss

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Usually, a soul mate is also someone who has occupied a special place in your heart. This short love poem below is about the intimacy, memories and depth of feelings experienced.

Sacred Place

As I look into your eyes
And see the smile upon your face
My heart is filled with happiness
As we kiss and embrace
Warmth envelops as intimacy reigns
Such memories I shall never erase
Because deep in my heart I just know
You already occupied a sacred place.

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5 Responses to “Love Poems For A Soul Mate”

  • Farzanna says:

    What is love?
    Did you ever sit and think what is love? Well I never but from experience I could tell you that is something to be cherished . Love is like an eternal flame, it’s a moment that lasts forever but sometimes it could hurt you so bad you wish that you were not in love. Some girls cry a river but they build a bridge and get it over. Love is something that takes only 3 seconds to say but a lifetime to prove it so if you try it but failed don’t worry cause in this world you would find the right person waiting for you it only takes a matter of time.
    Most people are afraid to talk to someone who they love but when they get to talk to that someone they are afraid to hold them and when they get to hold them they are afraid to love and when they get to love them they are afraid cause they don’t want to lose that person.
    Most girl doesn’t know this… Boys aren’t worth fighting for and if you have to fight to get him, then you are better off without him. Stick and stones may break your bones and tear your skin apart, but nothing hurts you more that’s because he broke your heart.
    Some boys only go with a girl for one thing and one thing only and when he gets it he leaves her and you just sit and cry your life out thinking that you are a waste bag but that guy doesn’t know how he hurt you. If people could feel the pain that they put on others then they will understand how you feel.
    The most hurtful part in loving a person is when he/she has to leave for a while you feel so lonely each day you have tears in your eyes and they would never leave and your heart is breaking a little more each day and you don’t know what you are going to do, just sit and think why he/she had to go. Just remember his/her name, remember his/her face, because there ain’t no one who could take your place. There is only 3 choices when it comes to love Give up…Give in… and Give All you decide which one you think is right.
    A pity beyond all telling is hidden in the heart of love.
    Most people love a person because of the way they look from the outside and not what they are from the outside. Beauty is not in the face, it is a light in the heart.
    For those who love….time is eternity, for those who loved should always feel that their love given, was love well taken. For what love itself, for the one we love best?… An enfolding of immeasurable cares which yet are better than any joys outside our love.
    It takes a lot to know what is love. It is not the big things but the little things that makes a different. It is kind of difficult to explain yourself to someone about how you feel about him/her, sometimes you feel so nervous to talk to that person because you are afraid that you will talk something that is so mess up. But whenever you try it know matter how bad things turn out to be at least it is worth trying.

  • Karen Bedford says:

    My Soulmate, was that – we both loved Soul music and he was my mate, but then he became more than just my mate, I found that I couldnt bear not seeing or hearing him, I needed to hear him and see him all the time and what was nice, was he felt the same. With him I felt I had everything, there was nothing else I needed, I never knew sadness anymore, and I thank him for every day we were together. I still think of him now and will never forget him, even if in June it will be 8 years since he died, but what he left with me was his heart and his love and his beautiful smile, ‘I told you I would love you till the day I died and you said the same, and even though you are not here to love me anymore, I will always love you, I will always be yours – but you knew that anyway’ K

  • Tami says:

    I spend 12years with one man.i thought i knew it all.then,one beautiful day,God sent my soulmate 2me.neva imagined love could feel like this..

  • Alex says:

    its likea unbreakable bond that no words can ever describe. when we embrace its like the stars collide and time stops. theres this power between us, this eternal longing when we’re apart. we live for each other, smile for each other. the first and last thing i do each day. he always has, and always will have my heart. all of it. as i have his.

  • Rowland says:

    Hiya y’ll.
    I’ve heard and read a lot about soul mates. How they were born to complete another. I must confess I have never felt that type of feeling that can arise from knowing that someone is more than a mate to you and holds a part of you that you don’t want to let go off. Yet, I sit and wonder if such a person exists. Can true love with a woman be that powerful? Is it supposed to be that powerful? Can a woman see all the recesses and the crevices in your heart that harbour your pain and still love you for all its worth? If I were to say, its safer to be single I guess (as long as you’re not around two soul mates kissing). But I feel its a blessing if you’re lucky to be with your soul mate. I’m still single and hopefully, little cherub will shoot me one day. Cheers.

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