Poems On Faithful Love

Poem on loyalty and faithfulness for someone special is the theme of this short love poem below. If you have a partner who fits the characterictics below, it might make a sweet poem after all to thank him or her for the special feeling.

Loyal Lover

A partner who is gentle
A joker who can make me chuckle
A listener who hears me grumble
A companion who helps me overcome a hurdle
A lover who is loyal
Thank you for making me feel so special.

Love Lasts Forever

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This second love poem is a little longer but I think it describes a faithful love very well. And if your partner has been with you through all the good and bad times with such loyalty, stating your appreciation is only natural.

A Faithful Love

A faithful love is priceless
Takes the edge off life’s roughness
Reduces all of our sadness
Gives strength when we feel hopeless.

A faithful love is endless
Lights up all corners of darkness
Not a scent of harshness
Only respect and a taste of sweetness.

A faithful love is selfless
Giving without a tinge of selfishness
Thank you with fondness
For your love which is precious.

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2 Responses to “Poems On Faithful Love”

  • quackster says:

    Hi there! Some more good poems about faithful love. I like it very much. I would very much like to join your Love Q meme, but at the current moment my life is quite busy. I think it will not settle down till late summer so I’ll participate later. I don’t think its fair to participate when I’m so busy with my career and school. However, I do like your blog and will continue to check in from time to time. Have a good day!

  • Am really impressed on this love poems.more greese to ur elbow

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