Teenage Love Poems

Below is a teen love poem that talks of love that has bloomed in the heart for that someone special. Love can also come deep and strong for a teenager and this short teen love poem conveys that message.

Love Has Come

I may be just a teenager
With much to learn and discover
Even in love I’m no wiser
Still my feelings are growing deeper
I know love has bloomed like a flower
When in my heart only you seem to matter.

Sweethearts, My First Love

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This second poem on teenage love shares a same message but is a little longer. It is about love that is true with a vision for a future together.

Through Tears And Laughter

Many say young love don’t last forever
They won’t end up sharing a life together
People will move on and get a new partner
Just a phase of life that all teens enter.

But it doesn’t mean true love can’t occur
Love that is special and is a treasure
That grows over time into something stronger
As the years pass by one after another.

I know my love can only glow brighter
If you could only give me that honor
To be part of your life through tears and laughter
Walking beside you far into the future.


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114 Responses to “Teenage Love Poems”

  • quackster says:

    The “Through Tears And Laughter” definitely sounds like a teenager being told how the “world” works and how that person rebuttals such comments.

  • jinette says:

    This poems are so true and romantic I love them

  • Veronica says:

    i loved them both they are soo cute i have to show this to my “honey bunny” Chris we are both stil young and i hope we are the one in like a million who sty together with their love from high school!!

  • sara says:

    i love them they are so true we may be young but we still know what love is

  • mishay says:

    “Through Tears and Laughter” really fits my current situation. I am 17 years old and reall in love. My family knows and accepts that. The only problem is that, my boyfriend’s parents know that we love each other very much but they really don’t like it. He is the love of my life and he knows it. I just don’t want his parents to affect our relationship.

  • Ari says:

    through tears and laughter is a very sweet poem….it describes how adults always want to let the young know that the world is not always what they think it is but at the same time they should stop and let us find out by ourselfes

  • Debbie says:

    I like “Through Tears and Laughter” it’s so truest love!
    I love the part is “People will move on and get a new partner.” I always lost my true love so then I moved on someone else. Now I got new love on last 0ct 17th, 2009, I felt happy now. =D Well good poems abt “Through Tears and Laughter” Bye

  • shanelle says:

    i swear i am so happy with these poem i am a teen as well

  • Allie says:

    I am a teen currently in love….this makes me wonder…

  • Pooh says:

    I love them both..I can relate to the first and second one. I am very poetic myself so I know I could have came up with an idea very similiar to these.

  • Angelica says:

    i like these i was in love with a guy named jamal but we didnt last tear tear

  • stephanie says:

    thay are both so sweet i hope me and joel is the only one stay together with our love from high school

  • shreeyaa says:

    same here………evry1
    i too lost ma true love……………..bt guess wad i m engagd again…………n hpy wid ma love………….
    n teenage love rockssssssssssssssssssssss…….

  • callie says:

    omg i love them

  • Kristine says:

    It’s truly wonderful and romantic poems!

    Does somebody have an idea of what is the theme of the poem “Love Ha Come”?

  • Kristine says:

    I mean, “Love Has Come”

  • shona says:

    too gudd….da 2nd 1….soo true..

  • verline says:

    i love this poems its touching

  • Angel says:

    i like the through tears and laughter one. It was amazingly sweet and cute XD

  • Angelique says:

    Wow that is deep you keep it up sweety

  • skittlez is in love says:

    omg i falling in love and its happening so fast ilove these poems they are great. i figured out that you have to go through pain if you want to find love. that and let love come to you. teen love can last if they know they want to be with each other forever and that no one can come between them =)

  • Desteny says:

    I really love thiss poem is so sweet nd preddie I luve it Its like the best poem I read Threw this adventure lmaoo J.K LOL :-D |We’ll I Love this poem its the BEST ! :) am outty

    Dezzo was all ova Thiss :-*

  • taylor manuel says:

    i think that they was all very good. but im a teenager and im in love and engaged.. =) and expectin a lil boi real soon =) so wat now

  • heavenly says:

    i love that poem

  • Malik Blyden says:

    Beautiful mistress sitting all alone,
    let me keep you company,
    keep you nice and warm,
    Satisfied longer than ever that you’ll know my name,
    the names daddy and i play no games.

    Beautiful mistress cute you are,
    lovely o lovely I could mistake you for a star,
    trust me your more special than any ol star way more bizarre,
    i mean that in no bad way,
    im just thinking if you’ll let me lay.

    Beautiful mistress moving so elegantly,
    knowing I can be at your side ever so modestly,
    meaning this all so honestly,
    I look at the sky notice its late,
    well in the end i hope me and you will date.

  • Aditya says:

    its simply superb

    u r into my nerves

  • dale says:

    inside me ,beside me ,your there all the time.

    in my heart thats just a start koz your there all the time.

    just a finger tip away each and every day koz ur there all the time.

    to show you id devote to you id do it in y rymes as part koz your there all the time.

    and when i asked god for an angel with wings and feathers , when he sent you in its place he did so much better. your love meens more than any word or letter all koz your there all the time ..
    by dale richardson age 14 and i loveee KERRY <3

  • mackey gurl says:

    its a perfect poem for a teenager who is out looking for love :)

  • Short Poems says:

    Nicely written poem.

  • Zaccy says:

    hey im 14 and i love them both there so nice and i know after reading this me and Tash wil stay to geather forever i love you Tash forever xx.

  • qwanteeria says:

    i like tis poem in i just sent tis to mi boyfriend i hpe he likes it

  • CC+DJ says:

    I am a 14 year old IN LOVE!!!! this guy im with bought the engagement ring already :)

  • Chereigna says:

    I love theses poems because they are very true……

  • natalie says:

    im dating this boy from canada he is really sweet

  • df+cw says:

    this was a lovely poem nice one lol

  • Natasha says:

    Love both these poems.. I’ve been in love twice. Im only 15 and i’d still die for either one of the guys i’ve been in love with.

  • bhagya says:

    I realy Love this poems……….. B’coz I love to the love

  • carly says:

    this is amzing website when im looken for a poem for my bf

  • Mela says:

    I do love both. I’m 16 dating my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years. :)
    people think it’s just a thing but it’s not. I love you peter with all my heart && 2 more years and we will be together forever te amo para siempre

  • crystal says:

    lyk dis is all true cuz i have ma boyfriend now n his name is ransell n i luv him he treats mi so beautiful lyk it cnt b described, hes 2 yrs older pero como el deco dice age doesnt matter!!!! :)
    5/15/10……4eva babes “TE QUERIO”

  • Alejandra says:

    True– love D second poem (=

  • keana says:

    i love em bc they
    are the way i feel abt my
    bf ive been with him off and on
    scence the 7th grade
    we are now in 11th
    i love yuu baby <3
    for ever and a day :)

  • kenneth says:

    …I love you more each and every day, Your so beautiful and perfect in every way, I’ll never let go, not even for a day, I’ll always be by your side, To hold you and to protect you, always making your day shine, is a beautiful day.


  • MaKayla says:

    Your warm smile brightens up my day!
    Your tender arms wrap me with care
    Your soft lips kiss me with you heeart racing
    Your memories will always saty the same!

    Your warm body pressed against mine!
    Your tender fingers tips moving gently across my back
    Your soft toes run against mine
    Your memories will always stay the same!

    Your warm nose pressed beside mine!
    Your tender lips that kiss my fourhead
    Your soft eyes that stare into mine makes my heart skipp a beat
    Your memories will always stay the same!

    Dedicated to the love of my lifee!

  • jamie says:

    them poems are good im 17year old and we been together for 3years now and now we are engaged..love can last a life time if you put everything into it but you and your love haves to and one thing i know dont let your family or friends get into it cause you got to list to your heart not someone else’s good luck everyone with your love life

  • Ricky Coutu says:

    These Are So Beautiful!!!

  • badeth says:

    it was so cute…teenage love really conveys how a person learns to love deeply…

  • Katie says:

    Through Tears And Laughter Is Amazing I Love it

  • meggz hughes says:

    wow!!! i love it im a teenager and thats what i feel!!!!!!!!
    i am love with this guy we have been dating 4 months and i never felt like this!!!! i do so much

  • mark vega says:

    i love both poems, they express what i feel and just helped me realize i have the perfect girl…thanx

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