Head Or Heart


When it comes to matters of the heart, often times we are blinded by emotions. We act irrationally and love is also illogical. But love resides in our heart and it is our heart that tells us if we are happy or sad. Comparatively, our head gives us power of reasoning and logic which helps to prevent us from being hurt or betrayed. In life, we do need to be rational but rationality do not bring love and happiness although it protects.

So, for Love Q #2:

When it comes to love, is it better to follow your head or your heart?

As usual, write out your answer, link back to this site and leave a comment here with your post URL.

For this week, please include Amidrin and Jo-N in your blog post so that everyone will have a chance to get some links by rotation.

For another round of Love Q, see you next Wednesday!

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