Break-Up Love Poems

Ending a relationship is always tough. These break-up love poems tell of loneliness which is only natural if you feel deserted. However, sometimes, even if a relationship has ended, it certainly doesn’t mean we do not miss the person, however cruel he or she may have treated you.

Mend My Soul

When you walked out the door
Depression took its toll
My pains you just ignore
Trapping me in a deep hole
You put me on a deserted shore
My hopes and dreams you stole
You have hurt me to the core
Yet I still want you to mend my soul.

American Bald Eagle Stands Alone on the Shoreline

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This second lost love poem about a break-up also has a similar message. I guess splitting up takes time to heal and the initial period is always the roughest when the longing may still be there.

Thinking Of You

We broke up weeks ago
On the outside, there is not a sorrow
But inside, the heart feels hollow
That specks of loneliness begin to grow.

Maybe things will be better tomorrow
When the memories and love no longer glow
But for now and many more weeks to follow
I can’t help but to still think of you though.

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