Fierce Love Poems

A short love poem utilising the notion of intense feelings for another. As people say love is blind and thus, it may not make much sense but still when love hits, it consumes our minds.

Intense Love

When the love is intense
The depth of feelings is immense
Love may not make any sense
Still you have occupied my heart hence.

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This second short love poem looks at the different manners in which love may play out. However, I guess all of us will always want someone who would stand beside us through thick and thin throughout.

Let My Love Shine

Love can brighten our day
But love can also be filled with shades of grey
Love can make us stay
But love can also force us to walk away
Love can be gentle and gay
But love can also be fierce as they say
How love will come into play
I can only promise mine will never sway
Smooth or rough is life’s pathway
Let my love shine bright like a golden ray.

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