Poems Of Support And Love

When you love someone, you would always want to be beside the person through thick and thin. This is a short poem to say I love you and to send a message that you will be standing by his or her side even through those unhappy and tough times.

Love Will Remain

I will offer comfort
When I see you in pain
I will give you hope
When stormy days reign
I will lift your spirits
When your emotions drain
I will hear you out
When you need to complain
I will always love you
And that is how I will remain.

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On the other hand, this second sweet love poem is about someone who has been offering his or her support and love to you. And what better way to express your unique love for your partner than with this poem.

A Unique Love

When I was down and out
And my spirits were weak
You gave me strength and
Made my future less bleak
When the rain poured on
And I began to feel meek
You just hugged me tight
And a rainbow I can peek
When I think of you now
And my feelings will peak
You made me love you and
It is a love which is unique.

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