Poems On Blossoming Love

From the idea of flowering, comes these rhyming poems on blossoming love. The first one is about time as when one is in love, time apart can be filled with yearning with a wish for it to move faster.


When love blossoms inside
Time seems to be an uneven slide
Time apart is so slow a ride
But time together is like a fast glide.

If only over time I preside
Fast or slow, this is how I will decide
Apart, there won’t be a time gap too wide
Together, a slow evening with you by my side.

Grand Teton

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When love blossoms, we would naturally feel less lonely and life may also be more interesting. This is the message of the second short love poem below.

Flowering Love

Looking at the flowers blossom
Scent and beauty emerge in tandem
Swaying along with the wind’s rhythm
The world just becomes less solemn.

Like the love flowering in my inner sanctum
Giving my life a colorful spectrum
Making my life less lonesome
For you have filled that deep dark chasm.

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