Funny Poems About Love

Sometimes, a person may get on your nerves with his or her habits and yet knowing that love exists is enough to make things worthwhile.

Priceless Feeling

Leaving the toilet seat up
That’s your brand of selfishness
Putting things everywhere
That’s why you are always careless
Not caring to tidy things
That’s when I see your laziness
Telling me like it is
That’s how you display your bluntness
Forgetting my birthday
That’s what is absolutely outrageous
But knowing you love me
That’s the feeling which is priceless.
Mixed Doubles

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This second short funny love poem is about choosing someone as a partner although many weaknesses in the person you can see. I guess love is blind or perhaps with love comes acceptance.

That Is Love

As a partner, you are far from perfect
Many personality flaws I can detect
Outrageous tastes that I can’t connect
Total opposites we are in every aspect.

Yet it is you whom I want to select
No matter the flaws that I suspect
To cherish, care and protect
Perhaps that’s love and its effect.


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4 Responses to “Funny Poems About Love”

  • paisley says:

    sometimes i think love is not so much blind,, but unfettered by convention.. in both of these poems you point out that the most endearing characteristics of this love,, are the little things that drive you nuts… and that can be the most truthful statement about love ever made….

  • jadey says:

    Both great posts. Love is funny and with it comes the outrageous and imperfections and we do accept them.

  • Selma says:

    Paisley is spot on. It’s the little things that drive you nuts, those idiosyncrasies, that shape your view of that person and often account for why you love them. I enjoyed these very much!

  • Shaday says:

    true words

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