Sweet I Love You Poems

If you are looking for sweet love poems, consider thisĀ one below. This poem expresses your deep feelings for your partner whom you knew is the one from the moment both of you met. It is a poem of optimism given the strong love both of you share.

A Sweet Love

When I fist laid eyes on you
I knew I have to make you mine
Just by your presence and smile too
Can make my gloomy day turns fine
I’m lucky that between us love grew
Perhaps it is all a blessing and a sign
That nothing can come in between us two
And our love will continue to shine
For my feelings for you run deep and true
Of love and sweetness combine.

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This is another sweet I love you poem which is also short and straight to the point. A poem about your undying love that will stand the test of time.


A Deep And Profound Love

I love you very much, let me expound
Feelings that are deep and profound
In my life, joy and happiness abound
Because a soul mate in you I found
Time will pass and tough times may pound
But my love for you will never run aground.

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