Short Missing You Poems

If someone you love is far away, here is a short missing you poem to send your love through. This poem speaks of deep yearning and steady love no matter the distance that exists. Here’s hoping you can cheer your loved one up with this one.

A Love That Never Dips

If only I could plant a kiss
On your face and then your lips
So many things about you I miss
Without you, loneliness grips
As the distance between us persists
The yearning steadily drips
Though the miles I can’t dismiss
My love for you never dips.

Endless Love

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This is another poem on missing someone. It sends re-assurance of your love through the message that you will wait and never let go of the relationship. Although far apart both of you may be and the wait may be long, the point is your love will endure.

Never Dying Love

Patiently I hereby wait
For time to pass and fly
However far away is the date
Before I have you nearby
It doesn’t matter at any rate
Because I’ll never say goodbye
Though the longing is great
Memories of you I can rely
Being far apart may be our fate
But my love will never die.

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