Romantic Birthday Poems

Celebrating the birthday of someone you love certainly deserves a romantic birthday poem. This free poem below is about reaffirming your love and reassuring your partner that you will always be by her or his side.

Happy Birthday, My Dear

Now that your birthday is here
I can’t wait to whisper in your ear
That you are the one that I revere
And I will always want you near.

I’ll make you happy and not cry a tear
I’ll hold your hand when you have fear
I’ll say ‘I love you’ for you to hear
Everyday, all throughout the year.

Happy Birthday, my dear!

Romantic Embrace

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The following is another short romantic birthday poem for your beloved. A birthday is an occasion to do something special for the one you love and if you have a romantic evening planned out, you may find this poem suitable for your needs.

A Dream Birthday

A cake I have bought
A little gift I have got
Just two of us tonight, I thought
A little romance to make things hot.

Hugs, kisses and the lot
Your dream birthday is my plot
To make you feel loved, I ought
For in my heart you occupy a special spot.

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