Thank You Love Poems

This one here is a thank you love poem for your partner if he or she has helped you through difficult periods in your life. You can use this poem to thank your love for providing the support when you felt down as a way to express your appreciation for what he or she has done for you.

Thank You For Your Love

You helped me up when I fell to the ground
You cheered me up when sadness pound
With you happiness abound
Problems don’t seem to hound
I feel so loved with you around
A life partner in you I have found
Thank you I need to sound
For your love which is so profound.

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This is another rhyming poem to say thank you to a lover for having stood by your side during the difficult moments. The poem reaffirms your love and mentions that the depth of your feelingsĀ is also as strong as the love he or she has for you.

Loving You As Much As You Love Me

Thank you for being there for me
Your love is so clear for all to see
It is so strong like a sturdy tree
Protects without me having to plea.

You stood by me and didn’t flee
You helped me through a rough sea
How can I not let my love be
As strong as the love you have for me.

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