Miss You Love Poems

When someone you love is far away from you, try sending this missing you love poem to let him or her know how you feel. Being apart is always a difficult time and sometimes, what you need is a poem to keep the romance burning.

If Only Time Flies

Staring high up at the blue skies
A picture of you comes to mind
Far away the distance lies
With you being left behind
If only you can hear all my sighs
For without you life is a grind
How I wish time just flies
So that you’re in my arms again I’ll find.

Au Revoir

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This is another missing you poem that speaks of longing when someone whom you care about has flew off elsewhere. Missing someone can certainly be painful indeed.

Wish You Are Here

I thought I won’t feel so blue
When to another place you flew
But before the week is through
I’m already at a loss of what to do
The longing, I just never knew
Can be so overwhelming, it’s true
Guess I’m really missing you
And wishing you’re here too.

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