Short Romantic Love Poems

Watching the sun set along the beach always have a romantic feel to it for any couple. If you want a short and ryhming love poem to give to your beloved when both of you have experienced this romantic moment together, do have a read of this poem below. Hope you will find it suitable to put it in your card.

As The Sun Sets

As the sun sets along the skyline
Along the beach we watch its grand design
Slowly we stroll with your hand in mine
Stopping now and then for hugs and kisses combine.

The feeling is so special that it’s almost divine
The moments are so precious that it’s like a sign
That our love will never ever decline
Even if the sun loses its shine.

Couple Walking Along Beach at Sunset, Fiji

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Another short and romantic love poem that speaks of candlelight dinner, hugs and depth of feelings can be found below. A touching message about your eternal love may just be perfect for that someone special.

Glowing Love

Our dinner by the candlelight
Was an experience in pure delight
We laughed and talked that night
While we hugged each other tight.

I felt my heartbeat took flight
And the feelings in me ignite
My love will always be in your sight
Forever aglow and shining bright.

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