Readers Poems – Love


If you were to be mine,
And I became yours,
We’d spend all our lives in the great outdoors.
We’d buy a big house,
In old Santa Fe,
And live there until our dying day.
I’d love you forever, and never give up,
On the future we have, my sweet Buttercup


“I Love You”

Do I love you? I have from the start.
First day we met, when you stole my heart.

Do I love you? Crazy as it seems,
Love you so much you appear in every dream.

Do I love you? I know I should.
Kiss your soft, warm lips every day if I could.

Do I love you? I know I must.
Only for you I have this lust.

Do I love you? I know I can.
Long before our Relationship began.

Do I love you? As I say;
my love for you Increases every day.

I do love you. I think it’s a sign.
I am yours, Will you be mine?


Listening to the rain

Listening to the rain I feel no pain, no worries, no time, no sorrow, and no change.
But I hear your voice in every delay and then a drop and it goes away.
Only to return in amazing grace, with the sound of sweetness on a cloudy day.
When the rain beats down no matter how hard I will always think of you no matter how far.
The time has come and people have changed but only for you will I remain the same.
The power of your love I will never tame, like the water of the ocean I will never stray.
Far from my place by your side, far from the ground like rain in the sky.
Flooding the land with my tears I cry love is the rain that can never dry.


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