Lost Love Poems

If you are looking for a lost love poem for someone you still care about and would like a second chance, have a look at the poem below. Sometimes, it is indeed hard to get through to our partner to ask for another go at the relationship. Perhaps a poem will be able to make things less awkward.

A Second Chance

Without you all I feel is despair
Getting thru’ the day is one big nightmare
All I can do is sit and stare
At photos of us taken as a pair.

I know much unhappiness was in the air
Lots of hurt and pain lingering there
If I could, I’ll take them all away, I swear
Please just don’t end this love affair.

My love for you I now want to declare
My feelings for you no one can compare
Whatever unhappiness let us share
Give me another chance to show that I care.

Empty Beach Chairs at Sunset, Denis Island, Seychelles

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Similarly, if you want your partner to work together with you to salvage the relationship, you may consider this poem below. It talks of putting in time and effort together to overcome the difficult time.

A Little Request

I know you are feeling depressed
Sadness locked up in your chest
You used to say that I’m the best
But now, my presence you detest.

When once love was our quest
Why should we let bitterness infest
Let us both take this as a test
For our love to emerge stronger than the rest.

Time and effort let us invest
For all problems to be addressed
I have this little request
Because my love for you is still at its crest.

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2 Responses to “Lost Love Poems”

  • Misterious! says:

    Of a future together you spoke
    But you ended up dashing my hope
    You said your love is as sturdy as an oak
    Instead I found myself on a slippery slope
    You claimed promises you won’t revoke
    All lies that it was so hard for me to cope
    Don’t you care sadness in me you’ll invoke
    Leaving me in darkness that I have to grope.

    This is such a good poem i love it?

  • bebes says:

    These are all really great points made here. I hope many people gain access to this information. This is good quality writing deserving of attention.

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