Readers Poems – For Your Girlfriend


Charmanders are red
squirtles are blue
if you were a Pokémon
id choose you
your smile is stronger than a hyperbeam
like Jesse and James we’d make the perfect team
ill be at your side like Pikachu and ash
and ill love you more than a level 80 rapidash
your more legendary than a zapdos, entei or mew
out of 450. I choose you

You know I have loved you from the very start;
it was a wildfire that spread through my heart.
You were a gift from heaven above,
and you are my one and only true love.
You chased away,
the skies that were grey.
I want to spend my entire life with you,
and forever will I hope you will always love me too.
I love you Lauren!!


For Alyssa, Love Ya <3

My Heart is Racing,
Yet it is racing for you,
In which that is true,
Only because,
I love you.



When I see your cute smile you just make my day

Looking in your eyes and at your beautiful face

With my nerves going crazy, I don’t know what to say

Thinking about You My heart beats at an abnormal pace

I tell you “you’re the most beautiful girl in each and every way”

When I’m With you I’m not on cloud 9, It’s like I’m in space

You’re my gorgeous angel from above in which I will pray

If I ran a thousand miles for you, you’d be there waiting at the end of my Race.



Me and you dancing
Our arms forgotten
In a sea of movement
My hands wrapped around your waist
In a tight embrace
We sway back and forth
And dance thru the night
Then I think love at first sight


day 1 I first laid my eyes on you
day 2 I cant help but think of u
day 3 was just same as day 2
day 4 I fell in love with you
day 5 u spent it with me
6th day knocked me off my feet
day 7 that when I knew id spend the rest of my life with you



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