Readers Poems – For Your Girlfriend


You ask me if my love is true
and this is what I say to you:

Your love is my life
when with you there is no strife
when we are away I can not breathe
my heart is what you have seized

I love you with all of my being
I know you are beautiful without even seeing

I could never leave your side
with you my days will go by
I really love you, yes it’s true
I just wanted to leave a clue

I love you Kallie!!!


when I first saw you, when I first saw your face
my body froze, but my heart began to race
I wanted to talk to you, but I didn’t know what to say
so I made a mistake and decided to wait
later I told you I liked you, and you told me the same
but it had to be a secret which I thought was insane
so I did something dumb, and tried to end it
I didn’t know I would really regret it
you started dating a dirt bag, you know who I mean
he was always being a player and trying to cause a scene
finally you dumped this guy, and I saw my chance
I thought to myself “NO WAY!” and started to dance
I told you how I felt, and asked you to be mine
you said yes and now my life is perfectly fine
I waited for this moment for many-a- years
and now its hard to think its actually here
when I look and see your eyes, it really makes my day
and all the time imp with you its like time just flies away
I love you cally, I love you with all my heart
and I really wish we never were apart
being with you forever will be a dream come true
I hope it happens, because our love is so true
imagine us together just me and you,
forget everything else because your all that matters
my life is totally incomplete without you, your a big chunk of it
if someone took you out of my life, its like taking sand from a pit
your my whole life, and without you id die
even if I didn’t, I still wouldn’t want to be alive
I know I already said this, but im going to say it again
I love you so much without you is like a fish without fins
I love you as much as how far the east is from the west
I love you more Cally, you are the best
I LOVE YOU CALLY!! SO MUCH! Happy anniversary


Day by day I think of you

Night by night I dream of you
waking up to talk with you
finally realizing I love you Katie


To Em -
u remind me of a beautiful bumble bee, this poem shows how much you mean to me ,

I know this may sound a little sleazy or cheesy but this one is for you Em ,

your my girl and my world you are as smart as you are pretty , yet i am so dumb and gritty .

I hate when I can’t be with you, but when I am my heart turns to goo;

this is how much I love you!!!! I love u Em!!!


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