Readers Poems – For Your Girlfriend


I’ve gone away and again
But I was never really that far away
I want to start anew again
I’m not going anywhere, I’m here to stay

I tried so hard to tell you
but I don’t think you understood
that I have always loved you
more than anyone could

You have always been my angel
Sent from the heavens up above
I will hold you forever and ever
I’ll show you I can be enough

I’m standing here before you
and I’m down on one knee
Hoping you say” I do”
When I ask you to marry me

I can see it now it’s all played out
our love so strong and true
we’ll live and grow old together
I knew it was always and forever you…


Make love all night
until we see the sunlight
baby I can make this fell right
if you just stay in my sight

Our love isn’t blind
because I know I’m on your mind
and your running through mine
cause baby your one of a kind

so baby you know ill do anything for you
cause baby I love you
and this love I’m trying to give you is true
girl… my heart belongs to you
I knew it from the first time I met you
made me want to spend every moment with you
baby I never want to be with out you
cause there aint no girl that can do it like you


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