Readers Poems – Still Love My Ex


A Second Chance

Without you all I feel is despair
getting thru’ the day is one big nightmare
all I can do is sit and stare
At photos of us taken as a pair.

I know much unhappiness was in the air
Lots of hurt and pain lingering there
If I could, I’ll take them all away, I swear
Please just don’t end this love affair.

My love for you I now want to declare
my feelings for you no one can compare
whatever unhappiness let us share
Give me another chance to show that I care.


Once we had a happy affair
now sadness is in the air

So many sweet memories we share
yet things now seem beyond repair.

You may think I no longer care
But if only you were fully aware
that I still wish we can be a pair

To love, cherish and treat you fair

With a family and Finley there.

My love for you Laura no one will ever compare.


Your soft skin your hot breath
that was my fate
loving you is what I hate!
Because you left!

What I left is your memory
why should I have this destiny?


Oh how I love you my dream come true
The way I feel when I’m near you
I look and stare but I just cant bear to
see the two of you. We laughed and talked each
summer day but we now must go our
separate ways. It makes me sad I want to
cry but for now it’s good bye my sweetie pie.


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