Her breath is still felt on my lips

When darkness falls and were apart
Can love heal this lonely heart
I love you dearly that i do
Sleep is good when dreaming of you
With all my love i give to you
You are so sweet i know not how im with you
Read the first word of every line lol

Her breath is still felt on my lips

tongue tingles from the kiss

amidst her aroma I sit

my thoughts of her linger on a bit

her body was God’s gift

her touch, I can’t put a finger on it

cheeks and jaw static in sweet awe

diaphragm stutters, as I breathe “ahhhh”

eyelashes sewed my lids shut

postponing the inevitable awakening

dreams shattered again

But I’ve waited so patiently

I close my eyes again so hastily

wanting what I had

to forge love through masonry

as another day sets

I set a table for one, wastefully

the knife scours the china

the wick scorches my misery abrasively

I’ve had it basically

the moon reaches it’s noon

a single silhouette sighing oxidatively

again she is facing me

I’m only strides from love

why isn’t fate chasing me

her hand glides down my arm

until our palms meet

lifting mine to her balm cheek

Fingers tremble from the percussions of my heart’s beat

inhaling starts deep

if this is real

my spirit can finally depart me…

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2 Responses to “Her breath is still felt on my lips”

  • loversbythesea says:

    this spoke to me on so many levels.. it brought a tear to my eye… i just wanted my compliments to be heard on how this was so amazing

  • Destiny says:

    Wow this is really amazing who ever wrote this poem it came truly from their heart this is beautiful u did a great job

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