Feelings are hard to show for some of us
Feelings are hard to show even with trust
Some can let them out, Some keep them in
But with a kind heart and caring ear
You make all my worries disappear

I can come to you for anything, this I’ve come to know
You showed me you really do care by telling me you will always be there
Your smile is intoxicating to me, the only drug I need.
Your eyes so soft and mysterious they remind me of the sea
Your long dark hair reminds me of moonlit skies way out there
Your sweet voice full of so much care
This is what comes to mind when I think of u every time

So here is my poem I wrote for you
I let my feelings go wild
All because you asked me to

Submitted by :Colten Lesmeister


Posted in Love poems

One Response to “Feelings”

  • jason ebersold says:

    That was awesome.. It made me feel like someone actually dose care for me lol wish a woman would say things like that to me …..

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