I Still Love My Ex Poem

I think many people tend to miss their exes although they may have split up. For some, the love would still be there after the break up and it can be a painful experience. So, I hope you will be able to relate to a ‘I still love my ex’ poem below.

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Love For My Ex

You left me for someone better
Said goodbye after 2 years as my partner
You must be happy now with your new lover
Someone to share every tear and laughter.

I have felt hurt and bitter
The sense of betrayal can’t be any deeper
But when I look beyond the anger
There is still a love that I can feel all over.

I need to forget you quicker
Instead the yearning for you grows stronger
Every memory seems like a small reminder
That this love for you will haunt me forever.

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56 Responses to “I Still Love My Ex Poem”

  • Abbey says:

    What happened to love Q
    I miss that

  • cindy says:

    thats very cute n true coz i feel da same way!!!

  • emily says:

    i was with my boy for not very long… and he was my first love… and i’m 16 .. i know i know you probably just think its lust but its really not… i love him and he wants me back and i cant stop my feelings for him… so i have once again allowed him into my life…. you should sometimes give them second chance if you really love him… it takes loosing something to realize what you really had

  • hannah says:

    i have had lots of loves but not a boy frend! love is tuff.

  • John says:

    Hi. Read this poem written by Bhuwan Thapaliya, and I bet this will heal you up.

    Your lips as a machine
    may alleviate my misery
    but it can never format my destiny.
    It may prolong my life
    but it can never rewrite my fate.
    Mystery rules
    and it will rule evermore:
    it is the breeze I dream about and dread.

  • behi says:

    im wait for u

  • milan says:


    i drove by your house
    just remembered the days
    we used to sit on the couch,
    we would laugh, we would play
    the things i would do
    to just get back those days
    its a memory
    that could never be replaced

    by milan pavol surovy

  • ♥♥..ur poem is so beautiful..♥♥
    ♥♥..wish that you have some more beautiful poems than that..♥♥

  • love stinks says:

    i think that once you truely love someone and lost them you really see what happends when there not there anymore or with someone else it hurts but sometimes you just got to let them go and if they come back it was truly ment for eachother to be together.

  • angelperez says:

    i been there my gurl just left me im so hurt so sad insides the more i hurt her insides than me i keep hurting her more but what can i do stop hurting her and get her love back i really do love her i want her back i need help plz help me people

  • Leigh says:

    This poem is so good and I know the feeling of the author because it happens also with me..

  • Valaina Linwelin says:

    that poem is very beautiful,I myself had that happen its been 3 yrs since he left yet i still love him as i did when he was here..i hope to read more soon :) blessed be

  • gaby=) says:

    this poem is very nice i love it, its so true but there will be someone better out there for us.

  • cindy says:

    i know how it feels i lost my love but i realy still love him my friends says i am stupid lovin him cause he cheated on me but now he still loves me n i love him but i dnt trust him

    love is tuff

  • Me and her says:

    My Girlfriend after 3years left me a while back and for about two months I had the worst time of my life. She really didnt want to get back together and once or twise told me she didnt love me anymore. Heartbreaking. Considering she is my world. I was about to break down (again) and she said we could try again. We did and because I learnt what she needed were happier than ever. Thinking of putting the ring on the finger. You needa give the person that one last chance to just see if you can make it or break it. Any woman out there in the same position give him the last chance, it may be better for you as well……

  • John says:

    I Agree with the last guy, I had the same thing gf left after 4years and I felt like nothing for months I needed to see for my self that it wasn’t real so after weeks of pleading we tried again sadly it didn’t work out but by trying I was able to see the light and now were really good friends but if your the chick and you’ve broken a guys heart then give him one last shot so he can sort things out for himself.

  • karen says:

    i truely agree it hurts and moving on is the hardest SHORT POEM the moon said to me if ur lover make u cry why don;t u leave i look u and said would u leave ur sky.

  • savannah reed says:

    this is a GOOD POEM AND ITS TRUE!!!! love hurts and i had the same feelin but i dnt think we will eva get bk bc he hurt me bad by nw datin my use 2 b best frand!!! she was my frand b4 they got together!!!! i still love him alot i juz dnt thnk i could 4give either 1 of them!

  • Sunny Richardson says:

    beautiful stuff people. Relationships are tough, just been there and I know one thing, there is no cure for a broken heart. ‘It’s easy for others to say, walk away and move on, have no regrets and take all you can get.. its people like us however, who often do suffer beacuse we fall deeper than others as we care more than others. Relationships break down and thats a fact, but true love never dies and that it that…

  • why is that after quite some time of breaking up and you thought you already moved on still by seeing a glimpse of your past love there goes the pain again..flowing as if you’ve never drain yourself before..

  • savannah reed says:

    trust me, ur true luv will come bk 2 u if he is rily ur true luv bc i got my true luv bk!!!

  • tmarie says:

    i know how you feel, my first love and i were together for 5 years, and everything was going fine( or so i thought) and out of no where 5 days before my birthday, we broke up. only to find out just a few days later that he had only left me for a new girl at his school. im still in love with him but i realize theres a part of me that needs to hurry up and move on.

  • Aditya says:

    i love it
    awesome :) :) :)

  • Mariano says:

    Wow, I really like this poem. I was married with my Ex-Wife for 12 years. And there is not 1 day that goes by that I don’t think of her. I miss her very much and I love her. I wish there was something I can do or say to her to express my feelings.

  • Aagaman says:

    i love it,
    once there was a sparrow who loved a white rose,
    and one day sparrow purpose the rose, but the rose replied when i will be red than only i will love you,
    listening this sparrow cut his head and sprayed blood to the rose,
    this made rose red and rose begin to love sparrow but sparrow was no more…………..

  • maureen says:

    i was with my ex for almost 4 years.
    i loved him and still do.
    made this poem for him and entitled it “beau”, meaning sweetheart or something….’beau’ as how once i called him and he did to me. :(

    if i could have
    just one wish,
    i would wish
    to wake up everyday
    to the sound of your breath
    on my neck,
    warmth of your touch
    on my skin,
    feel of your heart
    beat against mine
    knowin’ that i could never find
    that exact feeling
    with any other
    but you.. :’(

  • Tim says:

    I was with my girl for two years and one day out of the blue she broke it off and i feel your pain, even how bad she hurt me i still love her and think about her all the time. but good poem i like it

  • megz says:

    sometimes,we have to accept that once it was broken we can never build it again nor replace it..
    i was once in a relationship that i thought this is it..it was never been sinked in, in my mind that it would last,!!we are 7 years and 8 months that time before we departed our ways..it was very painful for me because of the reason why we broke up…but, that’s life..maybe GOD has a better plans for me,He gave this trials and i have to accept it with open arms and full heartedly..

  • valencia says:

    very touching emotions………….i had also gonr thru dat with my X recently and it was one hell of a pain……….loving neva cums easy and so odz goodbyes……..

  • james says:

    so beutiful ,im still in love with a ex from 8 years ago but she cant seem to realise that i want to be with her after all these years dont it meen summat …………

  • Gloria says:

    This poem is true to many ppl, including me.
    When me and my ex boke up, my BEST friend start to date him.
    I was really upset but i tried to hide the tears.
    But all my friend could do, was make it worse by nagging bout how many sweet things he said to her.
    Well i guess that’s what happens to ppl with friends who attract to boys fast. lol.

  • Amanda says:

    ive loved b4 and i still love him no not lust but real love and he left me :’(

  • Miss I says:

    i’ve been in a relationship with him almost 2 years..but we did break up for a small lil things.. i never expect he would do this to me..but all i can do is NOTHING..feeling jz like he was playing around me..but all the moment tht i share with him is the preciouse moment for me..its hard 2 forget the one who we really love..

    p/s : i still love him <3

  • Jen says:

    def can relate 100% I lost my fiance of 4 years to my so called best friend recently and as much as I hate them both the love I have for him I just cant seem to lose :(

  • Eze says:

    sometimes love is very complecated,,,when your about to break it always seems everything will be alright,,bt dont mention its turn otherwise,,i went through the pain of breaking up..I thought i was strong but i saw myself melting like ice…i never stop loving her even though i know she has someone else,,

  • maddie says:

    they say that if you love something let it go, if it comes back its truly yours. well see now im confused cuz i thought i was in love there were some bumps in the road and i let him go but then he came back. so i thought that he was truly mine but then he left me again. i dont know what to do i still love him. help please.

  • Jojo says:

    i have the same problem as the person before me but he came back but people keep asking if we are dating and he says no… but i think he does it so people dont think that hes a player which in a way he is… i dont mean to through my problems at you guys but i dont want to talk to my mom about this and my friends disagree with my choice of love… could you guysplease help me by giving me advice and by writing a poem that i can read to him for our one week anneversery[speltthatwrong] i love him a whole lot and want him to know it with out losing my verginity… please help!

  • felix says:

    i always thought there was something wrong about loving my ex but after reading these comments, i found out that it’s totally normal to still be in love with your ex. my ex and i broke up sometime last year and it was the most painful experience of my life. there were times when i cried and so many times i missed her. the worst part of it all was that people would tell you to forget everything and move on, but they just didn’t know how deep our love was. everyone says that first love is unforgettable. she wasn’t my first girlfriend (she was the third but of all, i loved her the most). i was her first boyfriend. am in love with someone else right now but i’m scared of starting a new relationship…but i’d like to know…does my ex still feel the same way about me…sometimes?

  • sunny says:

    Hi, i liked a guy when i was 16… and now im 20…we got close in a short space of time. We werent going out with eachother but being with eachother felt soo right. He later got married without mentioning anything, hes been married for 3 and a half years. He had stopped talking to me for a year after marriage so i tried to forget about him and stayed away from him as much as possible. He then later started becoming close again and its now like how it was before. He also has a daughter. When we see each other both of our faces light up! What should I do? Im soo confused….????!!! What do his reactions mean??? can somebody help me please…. :/

  • jessica says:

    I feel the same about this poem i was 16 and met a guy in school we lasted a year together and then he left me for someone that he thought was better then me… but i still loved him and everythin he was my first true love, he left me for about 6months and then came runnin back to me and i gave him a second chance whisc i shouldnt of because he just went back to the same girl:( and now im fallin apart

  • Ashley says:

    Look person above me , He’s Married he shouldnt be looking or trying to start something new with you he took vouls and he should love his wife enough to not hurt her and then if he cares for you he shouldnt ruin that friendship that could never be more if he really wanted you he would have married you Sorry .

  • Mizz.mtz says:

    mx ex tell me he love me but dnot know wut 2 do..g

  • alex says:

    i was with some one for 7 years and had my heart torn out im hurting so bad she was my one true love

  • Segun says:

    I loved n betrayed my ex n im d one hurting real bad.if only i had known that i couldnt eat my cake n still have it,i would have been a better person if not for me but definitely for U.
    Toyin Jones,wherever u may be at this moment,im so SORRY.i wish u d best in life n in ur relationship.i hope the person ur seeing now is 100times better than me?but if u ever thing u could give me another chance,i SWEAR it i’ll be a million times better than i ever was.i still LOVE U Miss Jones.guys help me.

  • Liv says:

    They say bad things happen for a reason, but those wise words don’t stop the bleedin

  • i was heart broken with my girl friend, but still loving her.

  • KiKi says:

    i have to say i do miss my ex and i wish i had him back but somethings do happen for a resin and i think it happend but god tryed to protect me from danger he was tired of seeing me cry my eyes out ever time i turned around bc the way he treated me but i loved him alot and the saying is if u love someone alot dont stop trying just keep trying and dont give up but if it comes to the point then back down but never give up girls/guys someone can come up being the best thing that has ever happend in your life. <3

    By: Hannah/KiKi

  • LILI says:

    now you made me cry this poems have opened my heart i miss my ex so much

  • maz says:

    this love this poem..it jst made me cry!

  • Eli says:

    This poem is absolutely heart breaking.
    It really touches me. I remember when my ex and I broke up. We lasted almost a year. He left because he thinks I’m immature and doesn’t really love him, but I really do. I guess he can’t feel it. Then, one of my close friend, who has also a boyfriend, reach up to him. They became close friends. At first, for me it’s okay ’cause I trust both of them, but then again, the hurt me, they hurt me so bad! They started dating, my world is falling apart. I almost killed myself to stop the pain that I’m feeling. But now, I already moved on.

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