Unrequited Love Poem

If you love someone but he/she doesn’t love you in return, it can be a painful experience. This is when you like to ask yourself why your love is unrequited when your feelings run so deep. The unrequited love poem below speaks of this predicament.


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Why Don’t You Love Me?

I love you deep and true
I think of you when there’s no reason to
I can feel the longing through and through
I just need to see you smile and I’m not so blue
I want to hold your hand like all lovers do
I dream of life that consists us two
I know my love and sincerity are in plain view
Why can’t you find it in your heart to love me too?

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15 Responses to “Unrequited Love Poem”

  • gigglewitme says:

    I can relate to this… It’s really painful.

  • Jeff says:

    I know this feelling. I love a girl but she don’t give answer to my love. But your poems discribe it perfect.

  • misty says:

    What a beautifully honest expression of the love and pain expeienced by the poet.

  • Drew says:

    I feel just like that for this girl at my school.. Excellent work.

  • Mars says:

    I am going to give this to that special someone

  • me says:

    this poem is so true, i love a man with all my heart, but i get nothing but hurt in the relationship. i’d do anything in this life for his love. i ask myself all the time why am i still with him after 3 years, when i get no love in return from him…

  • shanepop says:

    omg!!this is so great..how can someone wrote his/her feelings for someone whos special to him/her..
    theres no great poem other than this men..
    so cool to be in love!!! right??!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I can totally relate to this poem. I have a massive crush on this guy at uni. I know he will never fall for me, but instead of letting go I’m helplessly falling in love with him even more..
    It’s killing me =(

    For once in my life I was hoping that someone cares for me just the way that I do, but to no avail..

  • GypsyHeart says:

    I’ve been in love with the same man for over 25 years. He’s always said I was his first true love, too bad I wasn’t his only one also. It’s a sad thing to long for someone who you know probably doesn’t even think about you.

  • Bitterly says:

    this is soooooooooooooooooo sad… it really suxxx wen the one u love doesnt love u back… im still fighting to get over this guy…

  • Jay says:

    Love is so complicating but yet so simple, trust your heart trust your soul but better yet know when Real love is at your doorstep…..1love….———>
    Don’t cry for who you love, but love who cries for you…Never leave who you love
    for someone you like, because who you like will leave you for who they really love…
    Don’t seek the love of your dreams but seek the love that even thou its imperfect
    allows you to live a dream…

  • Tivoine Phal says:

    It is a nice poem. I like it very much.

  • kiko says:

    been staying for a relationship for more than 3 yrs now with the girl but never experienced to have been love by her.

  • Ak says:

    Beautiful poem.. My companion along with my tears in this dark night. Thanks.

  • Lovesick says:

    I can relate to this beautiful poem. I have been in love with a guy for the past two years. I am trying to move forward, but it is so hard. I am all alone. I have never slept with this man. He just wants to keep me in the “friend” zone, but it’s breaking my heart. I keep telling myself to let him go and move on. I left my husband of 20 years thinking I would one day be with this guy. My heart is broken into little pieces and I don’t think it will ever mend.

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